Just in time for holiday shopping, Bluestem brings festive cakes and cocktails downtown


Bluestem reopens today, Wednesday November 10, after a long pandemic shutdown that lasted a year and a half. With plenty of time to take a step back and re-evaluate the restaurant, the owners make some noticeable changes: the restaurant reopens under a slightly different name, moving from Bluestem Brasserie to Bluestem Restaurant & Market, abandoning any association with rich French cuisine and focusing over fresh Californian dishes. And it’s launching a slightly different style of service, both as a restaurant and as a retail market, with more take-out take-out options. But regulars can rest assured, Bluestem will still have the same fun seasonal cakes and cocktails, just in time for holiday shopping to come back downtown, if you need a treat after seeing the lights and the sky. tree this season.

Owners Stacy and Adam Jed say Bluestem has remained dark for so long due to its location, tucked away on Yerba Buena Lane in Market Street. They quietly reopened this week ahead of a Slack on Track pop-up event, but it will be a gradual reopening, starting with take out, before bringing back lunch before the end of the month and dinner a few weeks after. “Consumer behavior has changed,” Stacy says. “The pandemic has had a permanent impact on the way we dine and meet. We hibernated right away and kept an eye out for the downtown market, which is a quieter part of town. But with people returning to the office, techies at conferences, and downtown vacation shoppers, the Jeds see this as a “turning point.” They keep in touch with hotel concierges, who anecdotally report that vacation bookings are on the rise. “Leisure travel is on the rise,” says Adam. “People choose to go out and make it a weekend excursion.”

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The market first reopened today with breakfast and lunch options, whether you need a latte and sandwich on your way to the office or while strolling downtown. Go through the door and turn right and this whole front living room is now the market, with a new espresso machine set up on the bar and shelves for pantry items. In the morning, there will be coffee, smoothies, juices and pastries, including a crunchy cinnamon babka muffin from pastry chef Lori Baker. For lunch, they’ll make sandwiches and salads, including roast beef with red onion jam, tarragon aioli, arugula and melted gouda on ciabatta. And now, always on display, there will be rubs, spices, sauces, and other pantry items to take home.

Biscuits at Bluestem

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Cioppino Cocktail at Bluestem

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The restaurant will reopen the day after Thanksgiving on Black Friday, November 26, starting with lunch; dinner will be coming soon. So go left, and it’s still the full restaurant, complete with the bar, dining room, mezzanine, and rooftop, which has received a new coat of paint, a new large communal table, and lots of lush green ferns. The pre-pandemic menu was meaty with tartare, a burger, and four different types of steak. Now, the reopening menu lights up with harvest salads and shrimp and crab rolls, though they retain some comfort foods including roast chicken and cornbread. In the baking news, fans will be relieved to learn that star pastry chef Lori Baker of the late Baker & Banker is returning to consult on ‘tall cakes’ as she likes to call them, which at least means 8 inches of cheesecake, cake cake and seasonal flavors. The Honolulu Hangover Cake is back, featuring devil’s cake soaked in rum, marshmallow meringue and toasted coconut; the gingerbread cake and the eggnog cake are the highlights of the season; and a dozen “mammoth cookies, big horns” will be in rotation; as well as a soft vegan service.

Honey display at Bluestem

Bluestem restaurant and market

Seasonal cocktails have also always been a treat at Bluestem, and Jed is back behind the bar and putting together the reopening drink list. This includes an intriguing cioppino cocktail, inspired by the SF holiday classic with tequila, mezcal, tomato water, serrano, lime and a hint of clam juice, and served with a balanced bread stick. on the edge. But if a moist cocktail seems too wild to you, there’s also a sweet clementine cocktail with rosemary and juniper for the season, as well as a grapefruit cocktail with milk thistle and dandelion tea. He’s also quite a honey lover right now, and Bluestem features a number of different local beekeepers, with wild honey and raw combs that shine in drinks, desserts, and the retail store.

Bluestem reopened on November 8, starting with the market, with hours from Tuesday to Saturday, 9 am to 8 pm; followed by lunch on Black Friday, November 26, with hours from Tuesday to Saturday, 11:30 am to 2:30 pm; and dinner will be coming soon.

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