Junk Edibles Review: Edible Candy Blast and More

Junk is the retro candy arm of popular Oregon edibles brand, Leif Goods. And while Leif Goods chocolate bars, topicals and tinctures maintain the contemporary millennial branding, Junk is just plain weed candy.

Its line of carnival treats is an understated stoner fever dream: fizzy fizzy candies, chocolate-covered cookies, and fat, squishy marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate and topped with chocolate salt—that’s right, chocolate salt. chocolate exists. The maximum doses are 100 milligrams of THC, but are available in 50 milligrams and, in the case of marshmallows, CBD is also an option.

I spent the first steamy weekend of summer auditioning Junk’s Holy Moly O’s, Marshmallow Super Bon Bons and Candy Dynamites as I sipped ice cream at the mall, floated on my back in an icy river and slept comfortably. during peak hours.

First impressions

Junk is doing something unique in the field of cannabis edibles by tapping into nostalgia. The brand is, quite simply, darling.

Each item is housed in brightly colored packaging emblazoned with the JUNK brand logo, and while each packaging differs slightly, they all look like they’ve been dressed from the same closet, and the result is a cohesive set of edibles that are on point. limit of the collection in their cuteness. .

Each of these edibles is made with full-spectrum cannabis oil, rather than isolate. While the effects were robust for each, none of them had the signature cannabis smell, a take-it-or-leave-it note for canners who prefer a bit of diesel in their edibles. Personally, I found the novelty overshadowed what could be construed as a lack of authentic cannabis flavors and aromas, but that begs the question: who’s going to shade pop rocks for not having enough weed taste? ?

Marshmallow Super Bons-Bons

These simple vegan marshmallow candies won Best Edible at the Oregon High Times in 2019. The chewy, ultra-airy texture is a candy wonder made even more delicious with the addition of super rich dark chocolate. The whole affair is finished with chocolate-infused sea salt and festive sprinkles, imparting the same energy as the truffles and candies you’d see in the candy store windows of yesteryear.

They come in two per pack with 50 milligrams of total THC. Without meaning to, I ate both 25 milligram gummies in one sitting. I just happened to get distracted as rage scrolled through my newsfeed (like we do) and in my dopamine desperation I went on autopilot, treating edibles not like edibles, but like the extra special candy I deserved to survive another day of being an American.

The effect of these edibles was compounded by a chewy mouthfeel and satisfying indulgence. I was blessed with a premium sugar as soon as the second candy landed in my stomach. Once activated, the effects were powerfully relaxing for me, and not just because I had accidentally doubled my dose.

For me, the full dose was a panacea for both head and body, gently obscuring cognition while delivering a velvety soothing body, both of which lingered for nearly three hours as I escaped the heat. wandering the mall, Dairy Queen cone in hand.

Popping Candy Dynamite

Blowing up candy has always been an event. Who hasn’t loaded their tongue with a little mountain of candy shards only to wiggle their open mouths at their friends as they visibly pop and sizzle? If you’re a stoner who, at some point in your life, really enjoyed those little candy blasts, then do yourself a favor and pick up this charming effigy from a convenience store star.

Popping Candy Dynamites produces the same observable effects as their OG inspiration, with the clever addition of 100 or 50 milligrams of THC from full-spectrum cannabis oil. These Dynamites come with a small scoop for dosing and sharing, though licking off a handful is precisely as rewarding as you’d expect.

A scoop is a serving of 5 to 10 milligrams depending on the total THC of the packet, and the entire packet contains 10 servings. From a practical point of view, it is an exceptional edible to share Where to dose you freshly throughout the day.

My partner and I shared a full pack of watermelon dynamites before sunbathing by the Columbia River. Consider the flavor designations as suggestions rather than the rule – the watermelon and strawberry flavors just taste sweet and electric, but the bitter orange flavor had a summery citrus punch. At a lower dose for us (around 25 milligrams of THC each), the effects, once kicked in, were bright and chuckling before fading into manageable cravings.

Although nostalgic, these rocks give a grown-up contemporary vibe. You can experiment with them as borders for mocktails, decorations for baked goods, or toppings for stone sundaes.

Find High Quality Popping Candy Dynamites

Saint Moly-Os

Holy Moly-O’s are chocolate sandwich cookies coated in THC-infused dark chocolate and adorned with festive sprinkles. The aesthetics are there: the opulence of the tea party but in a sober and accessible way. They could be served with petit fours on vintage china or eaten at a food stand at a county fair.

Each cookie delivered 25 milligrams of THC with the same heavy intonation as the Super Bon-Bons. The effects were velvety and soothing, and depending on the dose, they could be deeply calming or simply relaxing. When eaten with an iced coffee on the third straight day of temperatures over 90 degrees, a cookie completely negated my 16 ounces of caffeine, allowing me to take an afternoon nap. The few hours of cozy effects were felt above all in my troubled nap dreams. Having slept through the worst of the afternoon heat, I enjoyed them nonetheless.

Of all the products, Holy Moly-Os seemed to me the most functional. A day later I tried the mint flavor and found the mood effects soothing yet uplifting – perfect for a relaxed day at work. If you eat one when you’re already hot and exhausted, it may put you to sleep, but you probably need it anyway.

At the end of the line

All of Junk’s edibles are accessible to both college and beginner consumers. The Dynamites nostalgia factor alone deserves special attention, and each element of the range offers an equally evocative and remarkable experience.

Strain specificity is not listed on the packaging, although testing all flavors of the 50-milligram Dynamites and Holy Moly-Os, I found the effects to be consistent.

Bottom Line: These edibles are more than just a necessity for tea smokers, they’re discrete comfort foods.

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