Introducing Triple B’s Bakery, Nickerson’s New Bakery

NICKERSON – A culinary school graduate wants to bring fresh bread and sweets to Nickerson. Currently, he is working from home, baking chocolate cookies and croissants.

But he wants to open a storefront in downtown Nickerson.

“All that’s stopping me is funding,” said Ben Wallace, owner of Triple B’s Bakery, a business run from his home in Nickerson.

Wallace already has a business license and operates a pickup and delivery service to his home. Working with SCORE, he has a business plan and financial forecast in place and is looking forward to opening a cafe/bakery/sandwich shop on Main Street.

Ben Wallace cuts a loaf of homemade bread at his Triple B bakery in Nickerson.  Wallace said his family, his mother and grandmother, helped him with his love of good food.

To live his dream

The three B’s in Triple B stand for Ben’s Best Bakes. Several years ago, Wallace decided to pursue his dream of learning to cook and cook professionally. He enrolled in school and eventually earned his associate degree at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Colorado.

After school and a successful externship at Holly’s Sweet Treats in downtown Hutchinson, Wallace felt ready to strike out on his own. He said Holly’s Sweet Treats owner Holly Thomas helped him polish his craft.

“She’s a huge inspiration,” he said. “She’s an incredible cake decorator. She’s inspired me a lot.”

Although Wallace misses being at Holly’s, he said he’s been busy working at Nickerson.

Ben Wallace talks about the various items he enjoys making at his home business, Triple B's Bakery in Nickerson.  When making cookies, Wallace said he always uses the bigger spoon to make a bigger cookie.

The start of the dream

Wallace, who grew up in Hutchinson, remembers cooking with his grandmother, Margie. He said they would go to his farm and pick fresh vegetables from the garden, bring them back to the kitchen and experiment.

“Those things gave me the basics,” he said. “She developed my love of good food.”

Wallace’s mother, who was also a good cook, grew up in Nickerson, so moving to where he had spent much of his childhood was another dream come true.

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Ben Wallace spreads melted butter on loaves of his homemade bread at his business, Triple B's Bakery, in Nickerson.

help the city

“Nickerson is a great community,” Wallace said. “I want to be part of growing Nickerson.”

Wallace is raising his five children in the city.

“We really appreciate it here,” he said. “We really like the schools.”

Although plans for the bakery are on hold, Wallace expects to open a storefront by the end of the year — hopefully sooner. It wants to serve pastries, coffee and sandwiches and be open for breakfast and dinner. Like now, he plans to serve croissants, cookies, cakes, fresh bread and cupcakes. He will use his own artisan bread to create his deli sandwiches with homemade sauces.

Ben Wallace adds an egg to the cookie dough mix at his business, Triple B's Bakery in Nickerson.  Wallace is a graduate of culinary school and hopes to open a storefront on Nickerson's main street soon.

Wallace also cooks pizza and lasagna and shops at the local grocery store, Berridge IGA, in Nickerson. Having a delivery service to bring food to locals, another dream, came true this week.

“I want to provide the farmers here with lunch,” he said. “They don’t have to leave their field, their farm, their barn or their tractor. We will have a small vehicle that will bring them the meal.”

Customer service and attention to detail are what Wallace said he wanted to have as his trademark.

“I love feeding people,” he said. “I do it because I like watching people eat what I cook.”

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