Ina Garten just shared her potato pancake recipe for Hanukkah – and fans say it’s “delicious” and “classic”

Ina Garten on a designed background consisting of latkes

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The Festival of Lights is upon us, which means it’s time to light some candles, enjoy some fried food, and celebrate with your friends and family. Because the Hanukkah miracle was all about oil, the eight-night vacation is a great time to develop your frying skills. And what better way to start than with a round of crispy buttered potato latkes?

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We have a few latke recipes to spark your culinary imagination. But if you’re looking for a classic recipe with lots of rave reviews, we might have found the perfect recipe for you. Ina Garten just shared her Simply Perfect Potato Pancake recipe, and reviewers are obsessed.

“Happy Hanukkah,” Garten wrote on Instagram. “But you don’t have to be Jewish to love potato pancakes! Make a lot of them because they will go away quickly. Have a great, safe vacation.” Making lots of these salty treats shouldn’t be too difficult – Garten says this is a recipe for beginners, and she makes 24-30 latkes.

Reviewers quickly hailed this recipe as making really perfect latkes – one wrote that Garten’s recipe is “top”, while others advised making a double batch so everyone can get it. as much as he wants. “I made these delicious latkes for my grandchildren,” one comment read. “There was literally no air time between taking them out of the pan and putting them on the plate. They went straight into the mouths of very grateful people. #INeverGotOne”

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To make Garten Potato Patties, combine cooked and mashed Yukon Gold potatoes with peeled and grated baked potatoes (both types of potatoes provide a soft inside and a crisp, crispy outside) . To the potato mixture, add the grated onion, eggs, chives and panko breadcrumbs or matzo flour, as well as salt and pepper. Then heat two parts butter and one part olive oil in a pan and add the latke mixture to it by heaping tablespoons, letting each pancake cook for two to three minutes on each side.

Garten suggests finishing these pancakes with a pinch of chives and lots of sour cream. If you want to add applesauce on the side, try Ina’s Homemade Applesauce or our Quick Applesauce for an extra homemade touch.

Looking for something sweeter to fry? Try these Wonders (orange flavored fried cookies) for something that will impress all your guests, or go classic with donuts. We’re fans of simple baked donuts, like our mini apple-cinnamon donuts, or those Air-Fryer-Cinnamon-Cake donut holes.

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