Illinois foodies are battling on social media for the best breakfast

When you find a home at a great local restaurant that offers a great breakfast menu and friendly service, it gets personal if someone speaks ill of your favorite restaurant.

Sometimes the hardest part is finding the perfect spot that offers both great food and a great atmosphere, but in Rockford, Illinois, there’s no shortage of amazing stops for pancakes, cookies, and… gravy, hash browns, etc.

In a recent social media post from a resident new to the Rockford area and looking for the best restaurant, dozens of suggestions were posted by residents who love their breakfast.

Here is a selection of diners and restaurants that have been mentioned as one of the best for breakfast in Rockford:

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Rockford, Illinois

Some of the other places mentioned in the social media post on What’s Happening in Rockford included:

  • by Lydia
  • 3B
  • Fresh Start Cafe at Loves Park
  • Waffle shop
  • Doc’s dinner
  • Glennigans Kitchen at Plug and Pellet
  • Robin’s Nest Cafe
  • GENOS on the road to Lathem (RT 173)

After receiving all the suggestions, the author of the post asking for local restaurants said, “The number of responses is amazing, you make me feel good to be moving here, thank you. It will take a few months to try them all!”

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