I got it – you want it! Microplatter

Although I have practiced four-handed dentistry for almost 47 years, I know that many of our colleagues are true solo practitioners and practice one-handed dentistry (i.e. without an assistant at the armchair). With that in mind, a practicing dentist in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Jack Nguyen, developed a clever single-use plastic tray that sticks to the back of the operator’s glove.

Appropriately named the Microtray, this small molded plastic tray adheres to your glove and provides a holding place for materials and disposables (such as bonding agents and gauze and/or 2×2 brush applicators) for easy recovery during the procedure. The adhesive on the tray holds it securely to the glove and brings materials closer to the operating field. When practicing four-handed dentistry, the Microtray can be glued to the assistant’s gloved hand to eliminate unnecessary and unergonomic movements to retrieve said materials or consumables. Here again is an example of problem solving by a practicing dentist, resulting in a product that enables the smooth delivery of dental care. Congratulations to Dr. Nguyen for creating an innovative and useful product.

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