How strong is your Buffalo accent? [QUIZ]

If you were born and raised in western New York State, you might not even realize how strong your Buffalo accent is.

When you’re a Buffalo transplant, the accent is a bit more noticeable, and there’s a little quiz you can use to determine how strong your Buffalo accent really is.

The Buffalo accent has strong traces of European dialects, including Polish and German, but also Italian / Scilian. A language teacher identified a handful of attributes of the Buffalo accent, including:

  • the “dish a”
  • “hard one”
  • other variations in our speech, including the drop-down list of central vowels
    • For example, “lit” might sound like “bad”.

There are even traces of a “valley girl” accent in Buffalo too, but it’s more about intonation.

One sentence will reveal how strong (or weak) your Buffalo accent is.

Frank and Joanne got off Transit from Amherst to Lancaster. “

People with a Buffalo accent will have a long, hard A in words like Frank, Ran, Lancaster.

Many people on the outside have said that the West New York accent looks like a combination of a New York and Canadian accent.

You may also hear the Buffalo accent in these other colloquial words and statements.

So… how strong is your accent? 🙂

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