How Shreveport Residents Can Buy Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie Season starts on friday all around Shreveport, but you will only be able to pre-order cookies from a Girl Scout. These cookies will be delivered in just a few weeks.

Cookie sales in city locations to begin February 11e. You can click on this link to find out where the Girl Scouts will be all around the Shreveport area. Cookie sales will run until March 6e.

You can also expect a large public event for the 6th Annual Mudbugs Game Night on Saturday January 29. Girl Scouts will be at the game selling cookies to as many hockey fans as they can find.

Here is the list of all the Girl Scout cookies you can order:

Adventurers ™

Gourmet cookies inspired by a brownie topped with a caramel flavored cream with a hint of sea salt.


Crispy cookies, coated in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and striped with a dark chocolate coating.

Thin Mints®

Crispy wafers covered with a chocolate coating. Made with natural peppermint oil.


Crispy cookies covered with peanut butter and covered with a chocolate coating.


Crispy oatmeal sandwich cookie with creamy peanut butter filling.


Shortbread with a delicate taste, deliciously simple and satisfying.


Crispy lemon cookies baked with motivational messages.

Girl Scout S’mores®

Crispy graham sandwich cookies filled with creamy chocolate and marshmallow.


Rich, buttery cookies filled with golden caramel chunks bursting with flavor.

It will be even easier to get your hands on your favorite cookie this year. There is a Girl Scout Cookie app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Or you can even find a specific girl you want to buy cookies from on the Girl Scouts website.

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