Great Harvest Bakery Cafe increases fourth quarter sales by 14.9%

As Bread and Sandwich Sales Soar, “Hub & Spoke” Cafe Model Drives Operational Efficiency

Great Harvest Bakery Cafe increases fourth quarter sales by 14.9%Dillon, Montana ( The industry’s leading fresh bread and coffee franchise reports that same-store sales for the fourth quarter of 2021 are up 14.9% from 2019, the last “normal” year of comparison. For a comparison of similar sales with big box competitors and other QSRs in the space, advertised big harvest markets for the same quarter, coffee sales increased by 17.7% compared to 2019.

“As a high-growth concept, we have chosen to perfect our expansion model, which aligns with the direction of the fast-casual restaurant environment that must provide investors and entrepreneurs with cutting-edge strategies to raise real estate challenges. and production costs, while efficiently serving ‘main street’ and surrounding communities,” said Eric Keshin, president and chief marketing officer of Great Harvest Bread Company. “We have identified 50 markets positioned for this multi-unit expansion program.”

This Hub & Spoke concept is designed for the multi-unit operator to reduce costs through smaller footprint coffee locations to maximize the production capabilities of a hub.

The hubs are full bakery cafés that can accommodate 40 to 45 people and have all the artisan bread production on site. The shelves operate like cafes; they have fresh bread provided daily by the Hub and must be located within 40 minutes of a Hub. Their menu is the same as their Hub; they bake items on site like cookies, biscuits, scones, etc., to maintain the aroma of a bakery.

The footprint of a Spoke should be approximately seventy percent (70%) of the footprint of a Hub. This significantly reduces initial development costs as well as operating costs.

Great Harvest Bakery Cafe increases fourth quarter sales by 14.9%

the Hub & Spoke model can be purchased from existing locations with an active revenue stream to then expand around them, partner with single operators to further expand market presence and enter new markets with Hub & Spoke units. Opportunities exist in the following markets: Atlanta, Chicago, Birmingham, Greenville and Spokane and in the following states: California, Florida, Texas and Washington DC

The Southlake, Texas owners took over an existing location and quickly added two additional shelves around the legacy store. In Elkins, WV, the owner first introduced the business to the new market, then added the second location in his second year.

The concept of making bread made from scratch was deemed essential, as bakery cafes across the United States continued to feed communities during food shortages and provided donated bread to local food banks.

“We held on and grew during the pandemic as franchisees adapted to meet consumer needs. From popular annual LTOs, premium breakfast sandwiches to on-the-go convenience, our wide variety of specialty sandwiches and sweets naturally sets the company apart from QSR big box competitors,” said Eric Keshin, President and marketing director of Great Harvest Bread Company. “The demand for authentic bread is obvious.”

According to Technomic 2020 Sandwich consumer trends report, consumers ate an average of 3.3 sandwiches per week, and nearly 60% of those sandwiches were purchased from foodservice providers. That same report says 61% of consumers chose to buy a breakfast sandwich at least once a month, up from 57% in 2018.

In addition to its strategic expansion model, available across large territories, the seasoned franchisor is investing in new drive-thru locations, further supporting online ordering and advancing its loyalty platform.

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Great Harvest Bakery Cafe increases fourth quarter sales by 14.9%

About Great Harvest Bread Company

Great Harvest Bread has spent the past 45 years perfecting the combination of ingredients to make the freshest, most authentic breads and pastries, as well as the newest sandwiches, cereal bowls and soups, reaching nearly 200 locations, all of which continue to grind theirs. Wheat Golden Triangle every morning from scratch. Providing local communities with authentic daily fresh breads and pastries, the brand is now expanding through franchising with a new bakery-café model ideal for timeshares. Open for three parts of the day – breakfast, lunch and dinner – the menu has expanded beyond a wide variety of soft and delicious breads to include soups, sandwiches and cereal bowls.

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