Girl Scouts Introduce New Vegan Raspberry Rally Cookie

Every year, between January and April, the Girl Scouts of America sell nearly 200 million boxes of Thin Mints. This year, they’re adding to the dilemma of what to stock up on, by adding a new vegan flavor to the offerings. Considered the “sister” to the Thin Mint, the new Girl Scouts Raspberrry Rally Cookie will be available during the upcoming 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Season. The new treats will include a dairy-free chocolate covered raspberry core.

“Raspberry Rally gives dedicated Girl Scout Cookie fans another reason to be excited about the upcoming cookie season,” Girl Scouts of the USA said in a statement.

The Raspberry Rally will be sold exclusively online, marking the first time Girl Scouts have embraced an e-commerce platform. The organization hopes the addition of e-commerce options will help improve the online entrepreneurial skills of Girl Scout members. Although prices vary by region, Girl Scout cookies generally cost $5 per box.

“The Girl Scout Cookie Program encourages girls to take risks, think outside the box, and be confident in their own abilities,” the organization commented. “Whether they’re striving for their Cookie Goal Setter badge as Daisy or their My Cookie Business Resume badge as an Ambassador, Girl Scouts learn qualities crucial to all forms of leadership and life skills. The program encompasses understanding of business, financial management and entrepreneurship.

Girl Scouts introduce more vegan options

In the United States, Thin Mints remains the most searched Girl Scout cookie of all time, according to Google Trends. Now, the Raspberry Rally may join the Thin Mint at the top, making two of the most popular vegan Girl Scout cookies. These two flavors are joined by three other vegan cookies released in recent years.

The Girl Scouts added the Toast-Yay cookie in 2021, a French toast-shaped cookie infused with cinnamon and coated in frosting. The organization also offers the Vegan Shortcake Lemonades and Peanut Butter Patties, offering customers a cookie similar to another popular cookie, Tagalongs.

To accompany the announcement of the Raspberry Rally, the Girl Scouts will be holding a raffle through August 31, 2022. The organization will randomly select five winners who will receive a free advance shipment of Raspberry Rally cookies and other Girl Scout merchandise. This season, consumers can use the cookie locator app look for Girl Scout stalls in their area to stock up on vegan cookies in January.

The Rise of Vegan Cookies

Can’t wait for Girl Scout cookie season? The vegan cookie market is gaining momentum, even catching the attention of the Cookie Monster. The vegan cookie market is growing at a rate of approximately 9% year over year. Fact.MR notes that consumers are increasingly looking for plant-based sweets to prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Consumers are increasingly looking for vegan cookies to avoid the negative effects of dairy products and eggs. Eliminating eggs from your diet can extend your lifespan. One study found that consuming plant-based alternatives instead of eggs was associated with a 21% increase lower risk of death for women and a 24% lower risk of death for men.

While waiting for the Raspberry Rally, several vegan cookies are available at retailers online and in person. Discover the best vegan and dairy-free cookies from The Beet that taste just like the real thing.

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