From novel and nostalgic to celebrity-approved and plant-based

Sales of frozen desserts could slow from the start of the pandemic, when pantry stocking and panic buying boosted year-over-year sales by 25% for ice cream, sorbets and new arrivals and 26% for frozen dessert toppings, but they’re still strong. on a one and two year stack. In December 2021, frozen dessert sales were up 3.1% from a year earlier and 21% from 2019, with the largest gains in desserts and toppings (up 13.0% from a year earlier). 9% to $88 million in 2021 vs. 2020), followed by an 11.8% increase to $347 million in new releases. Ice cream and sorbet sales were harder hit, however, falling 4.4% to $444 million in December from a year earlier, but still up 9.2% from December 2019, 201analytics and IRI report.

Despite the 3.1% gains in frozen dessert sales overall, unit sales fell 0.7%, partly reflecting high inflation across all categories, including a 1.7% increase to reach an average price of $3.90 for frozen desserts in 2021 compared to the previous year. The largest increase in inflation was a 6.8% increase in desserts and side dishes to an average of $2.95 per unit, followed by a 4.4% increase to $4.10 per unit novelties. According to 201analytics and IRI, ice cream once again bucked the trend, with inflation falling 1.1% to an average unit price of $3.89.

New arrivals offer fun, portion control and safety

Consumers looking for something fun, new and individually packaged for safety and portion control during the pandemic likely helped boost the sale of frozen novelties. To keep the momentum going and give consumers something to look forward to in the new year, Unilever has launched several new cones and bars, including five Klondike cone combinations – several of which tap into consumers’ love of best-selling sweets as well as for classic flavors. . The range includes Coocoo for Caramel, Vanilla Caramel Classic Cones, Cookies ‘nCream Cones, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cones and Reese’s Chocolate Cones.

Unilever has also added a trio of novelty bars under its Magnum ice cream brand that target chocolate lovers looking for permitted indulgence. Each bar is dipped in not one but two types of chocolate, and includes the Almond Duet bar, which is fully dipped in milk chocolate with almonds and half dipped in dark chocolate, the Chocolate Duet bar, which is dipped in First the vanilla ice cream with a raspberry swirl. in white chocolate then half in milk chocolate, and Cookie Duet Bar, which dips vanilla ice cream with a swirl of chocolate ganache first in white chocolate with chocolate cookie pieces, then half dipped in milk chocolate.

Magnum Chocolate Duo Bars

While not new, Turkey Hill’s new Mystery Flavor is a new approach to engaging consumers, who the brand says will need “more than a few balls”before they can guess the flavor correctly. Those who do will have a chance to win “ice cream for life” as part of a larger campaign launching this month with the flavor. For those who can’t stand not knowing, everything will be revealed on March 15.

From tropical fruits to alcohol-inspired classics to baked goods, new flavors are sparking interest

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of consumers say flavor is an important attribute when buying ice cream and frozen treats, according to research by T Hasegawa, which found fruit flavors popular in Asian cuisines and Latin are well positioned for growth in 2022. For example, 58% of consumers said they were interested in dragon fruit, 45% in lychee, 30% in yuzu and 29% in ube, according to the report. of trend of T Hasegawa. Tropical flavors are also popular, such as pineapple (74%), mango (69%), blood orange (58%) and guava (55%).

Alcoholic flavors, such as 52% bourbon, and flavors associated with baked goods, such as brown butter, cookie butter and cinnamon rolls, are also popular, the report reveals.

Unilever is capitalizing on this with the launch of four Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto pairings in one pot, including Strawberry Margarita, Bourbon Fudge Brownie, Salted Chocolate Churro and Caramel Pretzel Blondie.

Nostalgia brings comfort and creativity

While the pandemic shutdowns have left many wanting to try something new, many more are seeking solace in what they know and love – spurring nostalgia-based innovations like Ben & Jerry’s Flavor. Flashback. The latest ice cream innovations from the Unilever brand are Topped Chocolate Milk & Cookies, which swirls chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cookies with milk chocolate ganache and fudge sprinkles, and Topped Dirt Cake , which mixes vanilla pudding ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies and chocolate chip cookies. swirls topped with milk chocolate ganache and chocolate cookie crumble.

oreo ice cream

Oreo is also offering the convenience of its classic cream-filled chocolate cookie sandwiches in a new format with the launch of a scoopable tub of cream-flavored ice cream with Oreo cookie pieces. On the novelty side, it features Oreo sandwiches, Oreo cones, and Oreo bars.

Banana sundaes have been a staple at ice cream parlors for decades, and now Breyers is making them easy to enjoy at home with its new Banana Split flavor that blends a frozen banana dairy base with strawberry chunks and a chocolate swirl. . Fudge sundaes, another parlor staple, are also easier to enjoy at home with Breyer’s M&M’s Mini Caramel Fudge, which mixes colorful mini M&M’s into light caramel ice cream with a swirl of fudge. It’s also launching a complementary Very Berry Cobbler, which combines the crumble of the classic baked good and swirls it into strawberry ice cream with black raspberry.

Musicians make ice cream lovers sing

This winter, several celebrities are adding their stardom to the frozen dessert category, including Dolly Parton who has teamed up with Jeni’s to promote her new novel and companion album with the online return of Jeni’s Strawberry Pretzel Pie.

Vegan J.D.

Impressed by Chance the Rapper’s community-focused political activism, which includes launching the nonprofit SocialWorks for youth empowerment, Ben & Jerry’s is collaborating with the musician to create a “mixtape” of his favorite flavors. Mint Chocolate Chance mixes mint chocolate chip ice cream with fudge brownies from Greyston Bakery in a dairy and non-dairy option.

Grammy-winning artist and producer Jermaine Dupri jumped at the chance to expand his plant-based coconut ice cream line with three new flavors, Chocolate My Way, Key Lime Pie and (404) Cookies & Cream, which will appear in Walmart alongside existing flavors of JD’s Vegan Welcome to Atlanta, Peach Cobbler, Apple Butter and Strawberry Sweetheart.

Renewal Mill and Salt & Straw deliver a knockout punch with a recycled, plant-based double punch

A leader in recycled ingredients, Renewal Mill’s crumbles cupcakes made from its vegan dark chocolate brownie mix into fleur de sel-enriched oatmeal ice cream with a swirl of salted caramel icing for create a limited edition “climate” frozen dessert with Sel & Paille to mark Veganuary.

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