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• Six in 10 UK adults have tried a cooking hack or recipe they saw on social media

• The best air fried foods include French fries, chicken, and potatoes, as well as less conventional fried foods like salmon

• Air frying expert Jenny Tschiesche shares her top 5 air frying hacks

LONDON, UK – 16e November 2022 – A new study reveals how viral cooking hacks and recipes on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are influencing the country’s eating habits. The research, commissioned by SatSung electronics Co., ltd.reveals nearly six in 10 (58%) have tried a cooking hack or recipe they saw on social media, and more than one in 10 (11%) feel inspired ‘More than once a day’ by the cooking or baking content they see online.

When it comes to viral food trends the country has incorporated into its cooking routine, air frying came out on top, with four in 10 (42%) UK adults now using air frying as an option healthier to fry food. French fries (39%), chicken (38%) and potatoes (33%) are the most popular foods to air fry, followed by less obvious foods like salmon (19%), meatballs (19%) and steak (18%). While sweet treats, such as cookies (25%) and donuts (16%), are also popular for cooking in an air fryer.

In terms of gender, more women (45%) than men (38%) air fry their food, with the 18-24 age group being the most air-fried (62% ). Regionally, those living in London have incorporated air frying into their cooking routine (59%) more than anywhere else, followed by residents of the North West (49%) and North East (48%) ) from England.

To give the nation inspiration for air frying, Samsung has partnered with Jenny Tschiescheauthor of Sunday Times Bestseller Air fryer cookbook — which features 101 delicious, tried-and-true recipes to help you get the most out of your air fryer — to share its top five air frying hacks:

  1. If you want to cook something but only have baking instructions, never fear. You can reduce the cooking time and temperature as follows:
    • Lower the temperature by 20º.
    • Reduce cooking time by 20%.
  1. You can air fry in baking sheets and trays. Not everything is best cooked directly on the air fryer rack. Foods that lend themselves best to baking in a baking sheet or tray include pancakes, casseroles, and anything with sauce.
  2. Space out your food. The most efficient and effective air frying occurs when there is space between the food so hot air can circulate all around and cook the food evenly.
  3. Invest in a digital food thermometer. This unique tool will give you confidence when air frying. Air frying is a new way of cooking for many and knowing that your food is being cooked to a safe temperature is reassuring. Here is a useful table to help you:
Air Fryer – Internal Cooking Temperatures
type of food Min. Temp (°C)
Minced meat / Sausages 70
Fish 60
Poultry 74
Lamb 52 (medium-rare)
Beef 57 (medium-rare)
Pork 63
  1. Buy a pair of tongs to flip foods such as kebabs, burgers, croquettes, nuggets, and breaded fish for even cooking. Those with silicone tips will be the easiest to clean.

Other viral trends the country is looking to incorporate into its cooking routines include meal prep (30%), meatless meals (26%) and “conscious cooking” (20%), which involves focusing on the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the culinary task at hand. While some of the country’s top culinary hacks and trends include creating butter boards (17%), using a potato masher or vegetable mill for grinding potatoes (23%) and roast a whole garlic (20%).

When it comes to why people use viral cooking hacks and make recipes they see online, creating more affordable meals (53%), simplifying the dining experience (44%), and wanting to earn time in the kitchen (43%) ranks highest. While others said they do so to streamline the cooking process (40%), create healthier meals (39%) and impress friends and family (23%).

Dan Harvie, Vice President, Head of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd., said: “We know the impact cooking hacks and recipes found on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook have on our customers’ cooking routines, which is why we are continually innovating and introducing new features to meet changing needs. lifestyle, like air frying.

“Earlier this year, we launched the Series 5 and 6 cooking appliances, including several ovens with a built-in air fry function, helping to promote healthy eating. Simply place food on the tray and use the Air Fry mode to cook food with a little oil and without a fryer. Plus, with SmartThings Cooking, you can get personalized recipes and a weekly meal plan that promotes healthy eating, ensuring you always stay on track.

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