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Today’s column may be a bit of a criticism for some of you who have been reading BBQ My Way over the past few years, but it is well worth it. And for those of you who aren’t that much of this column, prepare to be blown away by this recipe that gives Buffalo wings a smoky, outward touch. And of course the football season is about to kick off (come on Colts!) So the timing for this recipe is perfect. But, I provide the following information and technique with a little trepidation.

See, a few years ago I posted a video on YouTube on how to fix a slightly healthier version of Buffalo wings. The original Buffalo wing was fried. I took a healthier route and shared a baking technique on wire racks typically used to cool cookies. The reason for the rack was to allow air circulation both over and under the fenders, allowing the skin to become crisp on both sides. The absolute worst wing is a soggy, rubbery buffalo wing, which is why they’re usually fried. Well, all the “Hades” went wild when I shared this technique. I had a crowd of Buffalo Wing connoisseurs of the Buffalo area besieging my page with comments that in today’s ultra-sensitive social media world would have caused an automatic report and ban. They objected to baking as opposed to frying. To say these New Yorkers took their Buffalo wings seriously is an understatement. But for the sake of food journalism, I’ll go ahead. This recipe is good for 18-20 whole wings. Let’s get started.

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo Sauce Ingredients

2 cups Franks Louisiana Hot Sauce

1 stick of unsalted butter

4 tbsp white wine vinegar


For the wings, cut off the tip and discard (or keep it to make broth) and separate the wing from the pestle. Make sure your knife is very sharp. Besides, if you don’t want to use wings because they are too tedious, you can also use legs or thighs. Just plan to cook them a little longer. I then dry the wings with a paper towel and spray both sides with olive oil spray. I then apply my favorite pork rub on both sides, but not too hard. I set my pellet grill to 200 degrees and smoke the wings for an hour. Obviously, you can also use a traditional smoker, but you will need to broil or grill the wings to make the skin crisp. If I use legs or thighs, I will smoke almost twice as long. Then I turn the pellet grill up to 450 degrees. This will make the skin crisp, which is essential. If you want to be more “New Yorker”, you can switch from smoking to frying the wings to make them crisp.

Once the wings are cooked and crisp, place them in a large bowl. Over medium-high heat, add the hot sauce and butter. Once the butter has melted, add the vinegar. Mix well and pour over crispy wings, toss to cover and serve immediately with ranch or blue cheese dressing and chilled celery and carrot slices. The longer you wait, the less crisp the wings will be, and you know what we think about soggy, rubbery Buffalo wings. Go Colts!

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