Favorite vacation movies from your childhood that never get old

It’s the season for Christmas decorations, shopping, baking holiday cookies, listening to Christmas music, and reuniting with friends and family. But with all the vacation hustle and bustle, sometimes you just want to lounge on the sofa for a night with a warm blanket and hot chocolate and watch vacation movies.

Watching Christmas movies is a great hobby that can take you back to your childhood. One of the best times I remember was when my family had the “A Christmas Story” marathon on TV all Christmas day because Grandma Rose thought it was obligatory to repeat it and she did. laughed when Flick stuck his tongue. the pole EVERY TIME.

This was all followed by “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” to please Grandma Esther, who was also my favorite. These memories are all I have now and are treasured this time of year.

So what was your favorite vacation movie growing up? Which movie was a staple when you were a kid and still is today? It may have become a family tradition.

I asked the rest of the New Jersey 101.5 morning shift which movie was bringing them back.

Favorite vacation movies from your childhood that will never get old

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