Fancy some fried chicken? Try these 8 spots in the Kalamazoo region


Have you ever woken up craving a particular food? Today I woke up determined to eat fried chicken. In a sandwich, from the bone, whatever its shape … I want fried chicken!

Unfortunately, I have yet to find “the place” to catch fried chicken. So I turned to the Internet. With a combination of Yelp reviews and reddit suggestions, here are 8 places in the Kalamazoo area that apparently serve delicious fried chicken:

1. Lee’s famous chicken recipe

On Reddit, kzoobob wrote: Lee is doing pretty well with the user JimJimBinks respond with: YES! Lee’s Spicy Fried Chicken is the best Kalamazoo I’ve found. Lee’s isn’t local to Kalamazoo, but their name has been mentioned several times on Reddit as a place to grab some good fried chicken. They offer combination meals, classics like chicken pie, chicken fillets and more. Find their full menu on their website or Facebook page.

2. Latitude 42

With two locations in Portage and Oshtemo, Latitude 42 brews its own line of beers as well as liquors and even serves “adult” juice boxes. I have been to this establishment several times but never tried the fried chicken. This suggestion was also found on Reddit where the user udder_horror commented : If you want something pricey, Latitude 42. Damn, their fried chicken is delicious. They use Ottos, which is of local origin. Find their full menu on their website or visit their Facebook page.

3. Lake burger

When I think of places to eat fried chicken in general, I don’t think of a burger restaurant. However, Lake Burger apparently has delicious fried chicken. On Yelp, Joshua C. awarded Lake Burger 5 stars and wrote,

There was no more regular fried chicken (there were deals) so the lady recommended the sandwich and I’m so glad she did. Can’t wait to try other items on the menu the next time I’m around town.

If you’re more of a burger lover, know that on the first Tuesday of every month, Lake Burger offers $ 5 burgers all day. Check out their full menu on their website or find them on Facebook.

4. Chicken house

In my year at Kalamazoo, I never heard of this place. This came as a suggestion on user’s Reddit trellis11 who said: Chicken House on Gull Lake !! Their chicken sandwiches are so good and they have Plainwell ice cream for dessert. You can sit in the bay of the lake and watch the activity of the boats. Chicken and ice cream together? I’m pretty much sold. Chicken House is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and has hours when they only serve ice cream. Find out more on their website and stay informed on their Facebook page.

5. Turbo Chicken

This was not found on Reddit or Yelp. It’s just a place I stumbled upon while looking for fried chicken in Kalamazoo. However, their reviews on their Facebook page look very promising. Susan L. wrote: I did not disappoint! Saw a tik tok about this place and had to stop in town. So delicious! Turbo Chicken offers combos with fried chicken sandwiches, chicken fillets and, something I haven’t seen in many chicken restaurants, a variety of dishes that combine tater tots and fried chicken. Check out the full menu here or follow them on Facebook.

6. Nonla Burger

The second burger restaurant in town that apparently serves delicious fried chicken, Nonla was a Reddit suggestion from the user zuzuPA (and others) who said: The chicken sandwich at NONLA Burger is the BEST !! On the menu, Nonla Burger has both a crispy chicken sandwich and a hot chicken sandwich for those of you hungry for spices. You can see their full menu on their website or Facebook page.

7. University roadhouse

On Yelp, Amanda J. didn’t specifically talk about the fried chicken sandwich but said,

WOW! I went there last night after work for dinner! The staff, AMAZING! The food, PHENOMENAL !! I sat at the upstairs bar and my server Austin really went above and beyond!

As the name suggests, University Roadhouse is located right next to Western Michigan University and has been in business for 27 years, according to their website. Looking at their menu, I see chicken fillets and a fried chicken sandwich available to order. Of course, they also offer a variety of other types of dishes. You can see their full menu on their website or follow them on Facebook.

8. Harding

To finish! This is exactly the kind of fried chicken I was looking for. Because after you’ve done a week of grocery shopping, it’s so easy to grab a bucket of fried chicken for dinner (instead of cooking everything you just bought). It’s just me ? This was another suggestion from Reddit. Specifically, the one on Cork Street was suggested, but I’m sure other Hardings grocery stores have fried chicken as well. It’s just a matter of whether he’s exhausted or not. You can find out more about what’s offered at your local Hardings on their website or follow them for updates on Facebook.

Whether on a sandwich or with a side of mac and cheese, it’s good to know that I can find my fix of fried chicken at Kalamazoo!

And if you’re not keen on fried chicken, here are some quick 3-ingredient recipes you can make at home!

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