Eternal Return Best Foods and How to Cook Them

eternal return is the glorious combination of MOBA, Survival, and Battle Royale, allowing players to enjoy the best mechanics of all three genres while battling their opponents in hopes of being the last person or team standing. In most survival titles, players will need to maintain their health, and this can be done by cooking a variety of tasty dishes, eternal return is no different.

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As breath of the wild, players can combine ingredients they find while scavenging the map to cook better meals, further increasing health recovery. Some recipes are much more beneficial to craft than others, so it’s important for players to know which recipes are best to cook instead of crafting food as soon as the ingredients are available.

ten Fish cutlet

As a simple meal that can be crafted, players are sure to easily find the resources needed to craft a Fish Chop. It unfortunately only gives one charge, meaning the item can only be eaten once before it has to be crafted again.

However, this is counteracted by the generous amount of health it gives, players who consume this tasty dish will gradually replenish 550 health.

How to cook it

  • Oil and a lighter need to be put together first to make heated oil

  • This is then combined with cod to make fish cutlets

9 Fries

Unfortunately, like the fish cutlets, the fries only have one load, making this another recipe that will need to be made multiple times. Although not much of a problem due to all the items needed to craft it, it can be found easily on the map without any issues.

Players will receive a pretty decent amount of health from eating fries, as they gradually regenerate 550 health.

How to cook it

  • Oil and a lighter should be combined to make heated oil

  • Players then combine this with a potato to make fries

8 Hard egg

While arguably the simplest food on this list, players don’t have time to worry about cooking 5-star meals, but foods that will keep them alive. Hard-boiled eggs will do just that due to their simple recipe.

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Although it only gives 525 health regeneration, this little egg has 3 charges, meaning players can eat it up to three times before having to craft more.

How to cook it

  • Water can be combined with a lighter to boil water

  • Adding an egg to this will make a hard-boiled egg

seven Stir-fried Ramen

To survive, you don’t have to live on bread and potatoes, players are also free to try finer things, like ready-made ramen with a little oil. Although this is a staple dish, players will greatly benefit from the two fillers that come with it.

This gets better for players, as Stir Fried Ramen also replenishes a total of 575 health, making it a worthwhile meal.

How to cook it

  • Combine oil with a lighter to make heated oil

  • Incorporating this with ramen will make stir-fried Ramen

6 Cakes with chocolate chips

Desserts are another viable option for those surviving in eternal return, and they’re surprisingly enough to keep players alive. Chocolate Chip Cookies replenish a proper 622 health and with two charges, that makes them incredibly useful to stack in a player’s inventory.

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Chocolate itself is incredibly common to find on the map, and with little use, players will definitely want to put it to good use by making themselves and their friends some baked goodies.

How to cook it

  • Mixing milk with a branch made butter

  • How to make butter with chocolate makes cookies

5 Potatoes sautéed in butter

Butter Fried Potatoes are a lot like chocolate chip cookies. They take almost no easily accessible ingredients while replenishing players for a good amount of health. This buttery snack regenerates a total of 622 health and has two charges, so it’s well worth it.

Overall, players are likely to find an abundance of potatoes, and branches can be seen almost anywhere on the map. Players who stack this in their inventory are sure to survive.

How to cook it

  • Mixing milk with a branch to make butter

  • Melting butter with potatoes gives the end result

4 Choco Pie Box

Few recipes can be improved so simply. As Choco Pie Box not only looks delicious but fills a delicious amount of health. It’s also easy, as players only need to combine Choco Pie with a box to increase the number of charges it has to two.

Regenerating player health by 622, which is also an improvement on the original recipe, players will always have a box to spare for this little treat.

How to cook it

  • Bread and chocolate can be combined to make Choco Pie

  • Putting it in a box will make Choco Pie Box

3 fish and chips

This recipe has the most steps before completion compared to other high value recipes that give the best health. To create Fish and Chips, players must first combine two other dishes together.

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Many players, especially newbies, may never get the chance to put this dish together due to the length it takes, but it gives a decent 700 health as well as two charges.

How to cook it

  • The oil should be combined with a lighter twice to make two heated oils

  • A heated oil must be combined with a potato to make fries

  • The other heated oil should be combined with cod to make a fish cutlet

  • Combining the fish cutlet with chips will make fish and chips

2 Zen vitality

There aren’t many edible ingredients included in this recipe, although it’s still considered an in-game food for eternal return. This is definitely a recipe more experienced players will want to pursue, as the items he needs can be incredibly rare, with the Tree of Life only appearing four times per game at specific times and locations.

This item itself is incredibly valuable, replenishing a player’s health by 850 and can be used up to three times. This is an item that is a sure way to win the endgame.

How to cook it

  • Combine the tree of life with a Buddhist scripture

1 Steak

fans of eternal return, love to cook steak. It’s easy to craft, the ingredients aren’t hard to find, and best of all, it not only offers decent health, but also a large number of stacks.

Steak can heal a player for 500 health and with 4 stacks before needing to be crafted again, it is much more cost effective than other meals.

How to cook it

  • Combining a stone and a lighter will make a heated stone

  • Cooking a piece of meat on the heated stone will make Steak

eternal return is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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