Eight of the best sandwiches in the world

1. Seafood sandwiches

Fresh from the sea, Cornwall, UK

You’d be hard pressed to find a fresher seafood sandwich than the ones made at this Port Isaac institution. In season, crab and lobster are caught daily in the bay. The sandwiches, made to order, are wonderfully simple affairs, the meat wrapped between slices of wholemeal bread with mayonnaise and a handful of salad leaves. Crab sandwich, £9.75. Lobster sandwich, £12

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2. Corned beef sando

Panadera Bakery, London, UK

This sandwich from the Filipino bakery in Kentish Town has quickly become one of London’s lunchtime favourites. A croquette made from homemade corned beef hash, small pieces of potatoes and béchamel sauce, all covered in breadcrumbs, is wedged between slices of pandesal, a Filipino milk bread, also homemade. It’s topped with fried shallots, head lettuce, garlic sauce, and a calamansi (a Filipino lime) infused ketchup. £7.50

3. TGC 5 Cheese Classic

Twisted Grilled Cheese, Houston, USA

This Houston favorite operates two food trucks and a restaurant in the city. Most of its cheese sandwiches come with a twist, but the 5 Cheese Classic, with Vermont white cheddar, provolone, mozzarella, and yellow and white American cheeses, is one for the purists. Accompany it with a tomato basil soup. $8.99 (£6.60)

4. Saumagenbrötchen

Metzgerei Hambel, Wachenheim, Germany

Saumagen is a specialty of the German region of Palatinate. Pork, herbs and vegetables are stuffed into a pig’s stomach before being cooked in a water bath, removed from the casing and fried in thick slices. It is eaten with sauerkraut and potatoes but can be eaten in a crispy roll (brötchen). Try it from the butcher who made it for former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl – seasonal variations include asparagus, chestnuts and truffles. From €2.20 (£1.60)

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