Dallas pop-ups to check out this weekend

The weekend is near. And if you’re up for a little adventure, there are a few pop-ups around town that serve just that. Whether it’s cookies and beer – an arguably perfect pairing – or Detroit pizza and dirty martinis, these pop-ups are just what your weekend ordered.


Tonight: Fri January 7, 8 p.m. until sold out | Small victories, Oak Cliff

Sip a bowl of ramen with a Cajun accent, also known as New Orleans noodle soup called yakamein. Tonight, Cajukiku will be throwing yakamein at Tiny Victories, which the restaurant editor believes has Dallas’ most underrated happy hour. Yakamein has a spicy Creole broth base in which a packet of noodles sit. Get shrimp, beef, or a combo of the two. Each bowl comes with a boiled soybean egg, fried green onions, and bamboo shoots.

Picadera DFW

Tonight: Fri, Jan 7, 6 to 10 p.m. | Lone Star Ax / Bar Rattler 440, the groves of the Trinity

A staple for Dominican cuisine, Picadera has been crushing the pop-up scene since 2020. (Seriously, read about that here.) Tonight, however, get your chemi-burger and tostone fix (okay, and your dose of queso frito AKA tropical fried cheese and tres leches cupcakes) in West Dallas. The Dominican street food vendor will be showing up at 440 Rattler Bar.

Cookies By Chrysta

Sat, Jan 8, noon to 3 p.m. | Peticolas, Design district

Chrysta Miller, the icing scholar and skillful cookie maker, will have lots of baked goods this weekend. She will park a table in front of Peticolas as the brewery celebrates 10 years of Velvet Hammers and Golden Opportunities.

Better half

Tue Jan 11 9:00 PM | Mike’s Gemini twin, The Cedars

Okay, technically that pop-up is Tuesday, which isn’t the weekend, I’ll admit. But it’s been a minute since we checked in with Jennie Kelley and Brandon Moore, the duo and couple behind Better Half. If you remember, last summer they took over Cosmo’s in Lakewood and brought us a temporary French bistro. Now, the pair will bequeathing their famous Detroit Pies that have gained traction in the era of pandemic pivotal points. The two pizza flavors on offer are both made with Motor City’s signature red sauce. While you’re at it, grab a Dirty Martini from Mike or a shot and a Lone Star while you wait for your pizza to be crispy. (Dibs next pool game!)


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