Dalgona Recipe: How To Make Ppopgi Candy From The Squid Game


Honeycomb candy has many names depending on where you are in the world: butterscotch in England, hokey pokey in New Zealand, sea foam candy along the west coast of the United States. United. While the recipe itself isn’t uniquely Korean, the stamping – and therefore the distinct shapes and play you see in Squid game-is.

“I think Koreans these days are very good at portraying the troubles of modern times,” Lee reflects. “People face these struggles and difficulties and [it shows] how much people can fall. Although Lee watched part of Squid game, including Episode 3, “The Umbrella Man,” which features dalgona candy, she admits that the intense violence was hard to watch and didn’t end up ending the series. “But using the ppopgi game was pretty awesome, I think,” she smiles.

To make dalgona at home, all you really need is sugar and baking soda, and a little vegetable oil to make sure the sticky honeycomb mixture doesn’t stick.

“There is a time sensitive part,” advises Lee. “If you leave [the candy] too long, it will burn very quickly. In addition, you have to be quick to move it from the ladle onto a plate or metal tray. She suggests preparing the ingredients and having some help in case things go wrong, and also using a cheaper ladle lest it all get coated in sticky caramel and made unnecessary in other cooking scenarios. . An additional tip is to use less baking soda than you think you need. Lee suggests a tiny pinch.

“Have fun with this,” Lee smirked. “I think the kids would love it. You can make any shape you want, although I’m sure the umbrella shape will be very popular now. “

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