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Denise Allen of Norlina started Sweet Delights Cookies LLC several years ago with the goal of helping her granddaughter, Barbara, achieve her dream of going to college.

Today, Barbara is a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Sweet Delights continues to grow through efforts to help more local students attend college.

Allen discussed his recipe for commercial success Friday at the Warren County Memorial Library in Warrenton as part of his summer reading program.

As attendees enjoyed freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from Sweet Delights, Allen said the first store that sold his cookies was Pay Jay’s Corner Store in Wise.

She started her business at home, then moved to her commercial garage with a kitchen and now operates an independent store. Allen established the limited liability company in 2018.

She thanks her mother, who lived to be 102, for helping her learn the skills needed for a successful cookie business.

“I’ve cooked my whole life,” Allen said. “Mom taught me when I was 9.”

Sweet Delights offers seven cookie flavors: chocolate chips, oatmeal, raisins, white chocolate with cranberries, caramel, fluff and salt (with chips and pretzels as well as the more traditional cookie ingredients), zest of orange and lemon zest.

Sweet Delights cookies are still available at Pay Jay’s, but now the market has expanded to County Durham, North Carolina and Meckleburg County, Virginia. Other Warren County locations where cookies are sold include Blue Waves in Norlina, Axtell Grocery in the Axtell community, and Buchanan’s Store near Drewry. Sweet treats are also available at 10 locations in Vance County, three in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, and one in County Durham.

Allen is working on plans to deliver a new cookie flavor just in time for fall, and hopes to start selling cookie dough in containers soon.

She gave a number of Warren County resources, including the Economic Development Office and local government officials, the advice she needed to start her business. Allen advised potential entrepreneurs to use these resources and seek advice from store owners and salespeople.

“A lot of people don’t realize the resources we have here to help them get started,” she said. “You can get advice from a lot of people right here in Warren County.”

Allen continues to work on his dream of helping local students attend college. Next year, she expects to be ready to award a scholarship to local students.

Allen would consider this a sweet success indeed.

For more information on Sweet Delights Cookies, LLC or to place an order call 252-204-0345, email [email protected], visit, or find the business on Facebook (Sweet Delights Cookies) or Instagram @sweet_delightcookies.

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