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On March 23, 2020, Patrick and Spencer Clapp couldn’t have been more excited. After just over a year of crafting a business plan that would bring their dream of a physical store to life for their burgeoning coffee brand Coffeestamp, the brothers’ business loan had finally come to fruition. It had been a long time coming; the pair had worked hard to grow Coffeestamp from the germ of an idea for a specialty coffee business six years ago into a successful roast that had won great success at farmers’ markets and specialty grocery stores across the city. Finally, they were on the verge of realizing their full plans.

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On this late March day, however, another official act was also occurring. At 6 p.m. that evening, the city of Saint-Louis put in place stay-at-home orders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, disrupting all regular business activities in the region in an effort to combat the virus. Patrick and Spencer couldn’t believe their luck (or lack thereof) – the ink wasn’t even dry on their loan documents when the future of their business suddenly seemed to rest on shaky ground. Undeterred, they decided to go ahead with their plans and embarked on the construction of their storefront, believing that if they failed in their Coffeestamp plans, they could at least get a rent reduction for their efforts.

Now, a year and a half later, the brothers have managed to put aside those fears of failure. Coffeestamp’s storefront wasn’t just able to weather the shutdown and other pandemic challenges – it flourished among them as a beloved cafe frequented by its Fox Park neighbors, as well as all person looking for a conscientiously sourced cup of coffee. and thoughtful cuisine with Honduran influences.

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  • The coffee is unsurprisingly excellent, but Coffeestamp offers a thoughtful and delicious selection of food, many of which are unlike any other in St. Louis. Pictured: choripan, chocolate chip cookies, café au lait, turtle alfajores, empanadas and Mayan tortilla.

The community’s reception of Coffeestamp validated the Clapp brothers’ long-held notion that there was both room and a need for their voices in the specialty coffee industry. Ever since they grew up in Honduras, in the shadow of the country’s coffee plantations near La Tigra National Park, the brewed drink has been a part of their life. Not only did they enjoy great coffee at home with their mom, but they had many friends in the industry so they got to see firsthand what it was like to work on the growers and pickers side of the business. Coffee. When a few of these childhood friends started their own coffee export businesses about six years ago, the idea of ​​helping them on the import and roasting side started to germinate among the brothers. .

Although at the time, Patrick and Spencer were working days in the construction industry, they pioneered the search for the specialty coffee industry in hopes of starting a small-scale operation. ladder. In 2018, they bought a small commercial roaster and started roasting their friends ‘coffee under the name Coffeestamp, selling their products directly to customers at local farmers’ markets. The response was so positive that the brothers started working on their brick and mortar idea, moving forward even in the midst of the pandemic because they knew they were on to something special.

In August of last year, the Clapp brothers finally got to show off what they were doing when they opened the storefront doors at Coffeestamp. Located on Jefferson Avenue just north of Gravois, the little cafe has a quintessential cafe vibe; whole bean bags and coffee-making supplies sit on wooden shelves against exposed brick walls, while burlap bean bags and plants decorate the rest of the space. An order counter, pastry crate, and espresso machine can be found at the back of the small room, and a few tables, booths, and window seats complete the dining area.

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The coffee part of the business only grew during the pandemic.  - MABEL SUEN

  • The coffee part of the business only grew during the pandemic.

Although Coffeestamp got its start as a roaster – and the various drinks brewed are indeed delicious and worth a visit in their own right – the cafe stands out with its excellent menu which has grown over time. While not limited to strictly Honduran cuisine, the menu makes it a starting point with dishes like empanadas, which are loaded with everything from bacon, scrambled eggs, and white cheddar for an offering inspired by the breakfast at Pino, which features spicy ground beef and olives that infuse the meat with a mouthwatering, brackish flavor. However, the more exciting version is the Napolitana, a marvel of cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil that tastes like the Rolls Royce of pizza rolls. It is a thing of beauty.

Coffeestamp offers two different burritos: the AM, stuffed with scrambled eggs, peppers, cheese and ham (optional), or the PM, which includes roast chicken, baked beans, cheese, tomatoes and rocket. Both are exactly what you want for this particular style: well filled, well seasoned, and wrapped in a delicate tortilla that gets just a hint of crunch after being squeezed.

The Mayan tortilla is a magnificent hybrid of a quesadilla and a tostada. Here, creamy, well-seasoned refried red beans and melted cheese are sandwiched between two corn tortillas. A tangy tomato salsa and avocado slices adorn this wonderful concoction. Grilled cheese is another gooey wonder, a mix of mozzarella, Swiss, cheddar and cream cheese that makes you wonder why the hell no one regularly puts the latter on a traditional grilled cheese. After you’ve eaten the version of Coffeestamp, you might never want it again without this scrumptious addition.

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Avocado bagel with avocado spread, goat cheese and strawberries on a toasted bagel.  - MABEL SUEN

  • Avocado bagel with avocado spread, goat cheese and strawberries on a toasted bagel.

Those who have bemoaned the absence of a real Cuban sandwich in Saint-Louis need look no further than Coffeestamp. The restaurant, hands down, offers the best version in town: a mixture of roast pork and hot ham, both so succulent that their juices blend together to form a superb gravy. Swiss and mayonnaise add richness, while a generous garnish of pickle slices cuts through decadence. Then there’s the bread – a wonderful Cuban-style bun shaped like a hoagie toasted on a panini press to develop just a little charred and crispy. It is impeccable.

This Cubano is a tough act to follow, but the Choripan is up to the challenge. This delicious sausage sandwich is like having the best hot dog ever taking tango lessons at a dance studio in Buenos Aires. For this masterpiece, three halves of pieces of crisp chorizo ​​are toasted, then placed in a soft bun covered with mayonnaise and topped with a mixture of chopped white onions, cilantro and chimichurri sauce. Rich and green at the same time, this sandwich is a masterpiece.

It’s easy to get so enthralled with food that you forget that the reason Coffeestamp exists in the first place is to be an ethical specialty coffee source in town. That he’s done it, but also sets the bar so high with his food, makes him a wonderful addition to the city’s dining scene – and proof that when you’re on your way to something special. , no setback can stop you from making it happen.

2511 South Jefferson Avenue, 314-797-8113.
Mon-Sun 8 am-4pm
Burrito AM $ 6.
Cuban $ 10.
Choripane $ 8.75.

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