Buu’s Dragon Ball Redemption Was Confirmed Long Before Super

Despite being one of the most disturbing villains in the Dragon Ball mythos, Buu proved himself to be a hero long before his redemption in Super.

Even though dragonballit is boo originally a villain, he has proven to be a reliable ally of the Z-Fighters in the current continuity of Dragon Ball Super. While this twist might have initially seemed shocking, it really shouldn’t have been, as Buu’s redemption was all but confirmed long before Super.

Majin Buu made his first appearance in dragonball chapter 460 after being awakened by the wizard Babidi. Buu is an ancient being whose power rivals that of the most powerful gods – which was proven to be true in Dragon Ball Super when it was revealed that Buu had absorbed the Lord of Lords. When he woke up after being trapped in a mystical containment vessel long ago, Buu immediately started destroying the world, flying from town to town, turning people into chocolates and cookies and then eating them – or, he was just blowing up the whole area, there wasn’t much rhyme or reason to his chaotic actions. At one point, Buu even molded a group of humans into a house and furniture for himself, leaving their mangled bodies to writhe in unnatural agony for nothing more than Buu’s momentary amusement. Based on Buu’s actions, it’s easy to call him a top-notch villain, but to one person, he’s a miracle-working savior.


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In dragonball chapter 478 by Akira Toriyama, Buu continues his assault on the surface of the Earth when he comes across a young boy walking alone on a deserted road. So, Buu decides to steal and scare the boy with his presence, thinking that his appearance alone will be enough to terrify him before Buu finishes him off. However, when Buu lands in front of him, he learns that the boy is blind and has no idea who Buu is. Buu is shocked to have found someone who isn’t afraid of him or doesn’t want to hurt him. In fact, Buu is more than surprised, he’s overjoyed to finally meet someone who treats him kindly – which leads Buu to do something nice for the boy in return: he cures his blindness.

Buu Proves He Has What It Takes To Be A Pre-Super Dragon Ball Hero

Buu redeemed himself before Dragon Ball Super.

Buu’s version in Dragon Ball Super is the one whose evil side had been removed from his body, destroyed by Goku, and then reincarnated as Uub, which is why the DBS iteration of the character is a good guy who was willing to help the Z-Fighters against Beerus, fight alongside them in the Tournament of Power (before falling asleep and missing it), and battling Moro. However, this act of kindness shows that Buu didn’t need to expel every ounce of evil in him to be a hero, he just needed to be influenced by people who were generally good. When he was awakened, Buu was manipulated by Babidi and then challenged by the Z-Fighters, so it’s no wonder he was so hostile towards the world. It wasn’t until he came across a kid who didn’t know who he was, but still treated him kindly, that Buu learned there was more to life than violence.

Despite all the chaos, horror and destruction that Buu has caused in this dragonball saga, the fact that he restored a child’s vision proves that there is good in him after all – proving that booit is dragonball redemption was confirmed long before Dragon Ball Super.

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