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BURLINGTON, New Jersey (CBS) – We all know that amazing feeling of walking into a kitchen and smelling freshly baked cookies. But some of New Jersey’s sweet treats aren’t just infused with sugar, they’re also infused with positive energy. In this week’s Taste with Tori, we head to a cookie shop in Burlington, it’s called “Glassy Brown Cookies.”

In Burlington, New Jersey, freshly baked cookies are in the air and in your future at Glassy Brown!

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“I love to wear glasses. Just like people wear shoes, oh, I’m a girl with glasses,” owner Arlene Felder said. “My tagline is I see cookies in your future, and when you taste my cookies, your whole attitude will change.”

Here, inside this colorful and vibrant display case, cookies come in all kinds.

“Apple pie, red velvet, we call it plain red velvet with cream cheese, salted caramel chocolate chips, hot cocoa,” Felder said.

It will make you cringe or groan because they are just too good!

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And owner Arlene Felder says it’s not just the ingredients that make them great, but also the intention she infuses into each batch.

“I’m full of character, just a light, a sunshine. That’s me,” Felder said. “When you taste the cookies, I want people to really feel the love, the energy and the time. that I put in the cookie. I try to get people to learn to relax and enjoy the moment and you can do that when you eat cookies. It’s about living your life, enjoying it, and eating cookies.

Fall for an apple pie biscuit: the filling of the pie is just enough. I can’t stop until you get enough. It’s the right thing! I taste everything you want in an apple pie, the buttery crust heat of the apple flavor!

And a red velvet cookie sandwich with cream cheese frosting: This cream cheese frosting is sweet, but it has that great cream cheese flavor you crave.

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“I always tell people, whatever you like, we’ve got a cookie here for you,” Felder said.

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