Boy surprises 90-year-old man with his late wife’s Christmas cookies

KIRKWOOD, Missouri (CNN) – As some of us learned TikTok dances and Netflix addictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sam Wissmann, 10, started cooking.

“We baked cookies, helped a lot with dinner,” Sam said.

When asked what his favorite thing to bake was, he replied snickerdoodles, which just happens to be the cookie that matters a lot to 90-year-old Jim in Kirkwood. Jim’s wife passed away this year. It’s his first Christmas without her. She always made him snickerdoodles for Christmas.

Jim asked his neighbor, Susie, for a snickerdoodle recipe to carry on his tradition himself. Susie found something even better on a Kirkwood Facebook page. A 10 year old who likes to make snickerdoodles, Wissmann, a complete stranger.

“Of course, this is the only cookie he likes to bake, so it was a no-brainer [Sam would bake him the cookies]Sam’s mother, Mary Wissmann, said.

Sam jumped at the chance and made a jackpot of Snickerdoodles that came with an attached card.

I said, ‘My name is Sam, I’m 10, I love making snickerdoodles, hope you enjoy them. “Sam said.

According to Susie, the card and the cookies brought tears to Jim’s eye.

“He just seemed sad because his wife had passed away and she was still making snickerdoodles, and I always did them, so I thought he would like that and it would be a good memory instead of a bad one. . “

Sam said he would be happy to make it a Christmas tradition.

“Oh, we’ll do it anytime,” Mary said. “Sam will do them next week if he wants more.”

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