Best Stand Mixers According to Consumer Reports Tests

These eight models are unbeatable for mixing, kneading and whipping

By Mary HJ Farrell

If you bake a lot of cookies and make bread and pie dough frequently, you’ll appreciate a stand mixer’s ability to power through thick batters and firm doughs without hurting your arm like you might with a hand mixer.

How to Choose a Stand Mixer
There are two factors to consider when choosing a stand mixer: the types of doughs and foods you plan to use it for, and the space you have available to store it.

If you make a lot of thick dough, look for a stand mixer that has the weight and weight to handle tough jobs without “walking” across the counter working under the stiffness of the dough. The blenders on our recommended list weigh between 21 and 33 pounds.

As for storage, most stand mixers have a tilting head that lifts up to insert the mixing bowl, so if you’re using it near overhead cabinets, make sure there’s enough space. And don’t underestimate the effort it takes to move a heavy mixer in and out of a cabinet every time you use it. Attachments also take up space. If you like saltier foods, using a meat grinder or pasta maker attachment can expand your repertoire in the kitchen and get even more out of your stand mixer.

How Consumer Reports Test Stand Mixers
In CR’s labs, to test mixing performance, we make chocolate chip cookies. “Chocolate chip cookie dough is a thick batter, and a stand mixer makes mixing all the ingredients a lot easier,” says Cindy Fisher, who oversees our stand mixer tests.

To test kneading, we add blue and yellow food coloring to the dough and time how long it takes the mixer to turn the dough an even green. We end our tests by timing how long it takes to whip half a pint of heavy cream into airy peaks.

Best stand mixers
Here, listed alphabetically and not by performance, are the eight best stand mixers in our most recent tests. For more information on stand mixers, read our mixer buying guide. And for details on how well over 40 models performed in our stand mixer tests, check out our stand mixer ratings. There, you can filter by price, brand, and other criteria that interest you the most.

Galanz GLSM07WER08

CR’s opinion: Like many Galanz devices, the Galanz GLSM07WER08 has a bit of a retro look. If you like the style, you can pair it with the brand’s other countertop products – we tested the Galanz small microwave. The price doesn’t turn heads and you’ll appreciate the performance. It whips and mixes up a storm, getting great marks, and kneads bread dough almost as well. Our testers had no problems adding the various attachments, including a whisk and dough hook, in addition to the standard flat beater. The head tilts back.

Hamilton Beach Professional All Metal 63240

CR’s opinion: The compact Hamilton Beach Professional All-Metal 63240 won’t take up counter space or eat into your budget. He’s equally good at whipping and kneading, scoring excellent marks, meaning he can handle both light and heavy tasks. And it’s almost as good for mixing things like cookie dough. Our testers found it quite convenient to use and clean, and the noise it makes when operating isn’t objectionable. The mixer head tilts and it comes with a flat beater, dough hook and wire whisk.

KitchenAid ArtisanKSM150PS[WW]

CR’s opinion: An impressive performer, the KitchenAid Artisan KSM150PS scores top marks in all of our key tests – mixing, kneading and whisking – earning top marks in each. It’s a bit noisy, earning a good mark in this test. The 10-speed mixer comes complete with a 5-quart stainless steel bowl, flat beater, dough hook, and wire whisk. The beauty of KitchenAid stand mixers is that you can use any KitchenAid power attachment – over 40 and counting, including a spiralizer, sausage maker and juicer – with any model, even those made decades ago. The Artisan weighs 23 pounds and is available in 27 colors, including aqua, purple, and bright red.

KitchenAid Classic (250 watts) K45SS[WH]

CR’s opinion: The cheaper KitchenAid Classic K45SS matches the performance of the other KitchenAids here test for test, meaning it excels at mixing, kneading and whipping. It does, however, get an average rating for noise. The 10-speed mixer comes complete with a 4.5 quart stainless steel bowl, flat beater, dough hook, and wire whisk. It is compatible with all KitchenAid accessories, allowing you to switch from baking to more salty foods, such as sausages or pasta. He weighs 23 pounds. Unlike the Artisan, this model only exists in white and black.

KitchenAid Classic Plus KSM75WH

CR’s opinion: Another winner from this brand, the 10-speed KitchenAid Classic Plus KSM75WH tracks its brand counterparts on two of our key tests: whipping cream and kneading bread dough. Some other KitchenAids are better for mixing, although this one is still a reliable choice. Our testers found all the controls intuitive and easy to use. It’s a little louder than the other KitchenAid mixers on this list, but it’s not loud. And like all KitchenAid stand mixers, it can be used with KitchenAid’s full assortment of power accessories, so you can use it for more than just cooking. It is available in white and silver.

KitchenAid Professional 6500 Designer Series

CR’s opinion: The KitchenAid Professional 6500 Design Series passes our three key tests: mixing, kneading and whisking. At 31 pounds, it’s one of the heaviest blenders in our tests, so you might want to find a place for it on your counter to avoid moving it back and forth. Two features set it apart from the other KitchenAids on this list: a glass bowl and a bowl-lift mechanism that raises and lowers the bowl to engage the beaters rather than tilting the powerhead up and down. The 10-speed mixer comes complete with a 6-quart bowl, flat beater, dough hook, and wire whisk. Like the other mixers of this brand, you can use it with all KitchenAid electric accessories. This model is available in four colors, including Medallion Silver and a sleek Candy Apple Red.

Waring Commercial Luna WSM7L

CR’s opinion: At 33 pounds, the Waring Commercial Luna WSM7L is the heaviest blender in our tests, so once you put it on the counter, you’ll probably want to leave it there. It comes in a gorgeous blue that can add a nice accent color to your kitchen. It’s also among the tallest we’ve tested, measuring 18 inches. And because the head tilts back, you’ll need clearance when changing beaters or removing the bowl. In our tests, it was very good at whipping and mixing, but some of its competitors were better. But it was excellent for kneading dough, which you might expect from a mixer with this weight. Despite its size and muscle, it runs quietly and our testers found it easy to use as they progressed from test to test.

Wolf Gourmet WGSM100S

CR’s opinion: Like many Wolf products, the Wolf Gourmet WGSM100S blender is expensive. But if you have a Wolf kitchen suite and love matchy-matchy, you can add another red knob and proudly display this mixer on your counter. At 18 inches, it’s one of the tallest stand mixers on our ratings, but you don’t have to leave extra space under your upper cabinets as it has a bowl lift feature instead. than a head that tilts back. It comes with a flat beater, dough hook, and whisk and scores top marks on all three tasks you buy a mixer for: whisking, kneading, and mixing. Our testers found no noticeable flaws on this model.

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