Be patient at St Cloud Drive-Thru Windows


Since I’m away from home 5 days a week, I tend to be lazy and frequent a drive-thru a few times a week. I am well aware that it is not the healthiest choice and it has gotten to the point where I feel a little weird not to eat out of a bag.

Since the pandemic hit drive-thru in most parts of St Cloud has become extremely busy. Some nights I experience a certain “give it to me through the window entrance” just to introduce myself and see an extraordinarily long line of cars waiting to be ordered.

It’s not the restaurant’s fault. Lately, it has been extremely difficult to find people to work and this puts a strain on current employees,

Every now and then, some places I have been to actually closed the lobby due to a staff shortage and only operated from the drive-thru. This totally causes huge lines at the drive-thru. Last Sunday I counted 34 cars lined up at Culver.

Granted, of all the places I frequent, Culvers handles heavy volume better than the rest. But 34 cars is just too many cars to wait.

This current labor shortage is having a fairly negative effect on most of these restaurants. Some even had to close, like downtown Taco John.

So when using drive-thru around town, be patient with the people who are working. They are doing the best they can and doing the best they can. Oh, and sort of get a feel for what you’re going to order.

It’s maddening to be behind someone who doesn’t even look at the menu board until they are asked to order. And for now, forget about that “do it your way” bullshit.

The next time you go to the drive-thru, be patient, be polite, and thank the workers. Until you’ve done this type of work, you have no idea how difficult it is with the volume they are currently experiencing.

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