Barefoot Oreo Thins wine is immediately sold out

As 2021 stumbles towards the finish line, we drink our glasses at the end of another deeply unbearable year. Last year’s horror show brought us DEW Garita, a Mountain Dew / margarita hybrid drink you might drown your grief in, thanks to Red Lobster. This summer brought us Flamin ‘Hot Mountain Dew, directly on loan from Dante’s Hell Circles.

Joining these two drinks is the latest entry in the WTF Am I Drinking? speech: Barefoot x Oreo Thins Red Blend Wine.

Finally, someone took the wine you had at 7-11 on your way to a house party and mixed it with the thinner, less satisfying version of the sandwich cookie we love. I have a lot of questions, the first of which is, I guess, why? Follow that up with “What have we, mankind, done to deserve this cursed libation?”

“Everyone knows red wine pairs well with chocolate, but Oreo Thins and America’s most beloved wine, Barefoot Wine, are working together to take this classic combination to a whole new delicious level,” Sydney said. Kranzmann, responsible for the Oreo brand. “Oreo Thins have always been the perfect Oreo cookies for adults – so we’re excited to introduce a new pairing for adults. “

It’s a quirky choice, of course, given that Oreos already have one designated drink pairing: milk. And why are these Oreo Thins and not Oreos? Are Oreo Thins for an older, more sophisticated audience that I don’t know? Have I lived like a fool, eating Double Stuf Oreos like a fucking youngster while my peers laugh at my blood sugar levels in my back?

Steve Buscemi says "How are you, comrades?" while he was poorly dressed in his youth.

(My old ass eats regular Oreos)

The wine exhibits “chocolate aromas and tasting notes that include more chocolate, cookies, cream and oak, as well as the natural flavors of blackberry and black cherry”. Barefoot winemaker Jen Wall said: “We had a great time exploring the different flavor combinations, ultimately pairing the iconic flavors of Oreo Thins cookies with a blend of our bright red wine with a berry flavor. . “

So, is this wine really meant to be paired with Oreo Thins? Personally, I prefer to mix Oreos with marijuana and a yawning chasm of desperation, but to each their own. Wine, which is available exclusively on the Barefoot website, is already sold out. And potential customers are already pissed off.

I haven’t seen so much online shopping-inspired angst since Crocs sold these Lightning McQueen clogs for adults.

But like the pink Kraft Mac & Cheese before it, this Oreo wine is too absurd to fail. After all, who isn’t going to at least try it out? That is, if they can get their hands on a bottle.

Would you like to drink Oreo wine? Let us know in the comments!

(Going through Gastronomy & Wine Magazine, image: Barefoot wines / Oreo)

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