Amazon Fresh in Warrington opens on Thursday


A new place to shop for groceries opens in Bucks County.

Bucks County Courier Times reported that starting Thursday, you will be able to shop at Amazon Fresh in Warrington, PA.

The coolest part is, this Amazon Fresh location is the very first in the state of Pennsylvania. This new Amazon Fresh location was still just speculation, but now it’s real and you can start shopping there at 7 a.m. on Thursday, August 5th.

On, it is stated that Amazon Fresh in Warrington will be located at the Creekview Center at 389 Easton Road.

It’s not like Costco, Sam’s Club, or any of those big warehouses. Bucks County Courier Times has made it known that you don’t need a subscription to be able to shop on Amazon Fresh.

It’s good to know. It would be a bit too much if only Prime members could shop at Amazon Fresh stores.

Amazon Fresh will be a very high-tech grocery store. According to Bucks County Courier Times, on Amazon Fresh, you will be able to find smart carts.

The question is, what exactly are “smart carts”? Bucks County Courier Times said that “smart carts allow shoppers to skip checkout lines because they use” a combination of computer vision and sensor fusion algorithms to identify the items you put in the cart. “

Philly Voice said a few months ago that it was rumored that Amazon Fresh would have more locations coming to the Philadelphia and Bucks County area.

One of the supposed places that were dumped there is Bensalem. It would be pretty cool to have two Amazon Fresh locations in Bucks County.

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