Amano Pan Bakery to Open at 3rd Street Market Hall in Milwaukee


Amano Pan, a Milwaukee bakery using locally grown organic flour, will open in the new downtown 3rd Street Market Hall, selling bread, candy and pizza.

The food hall, 275 W. Wisconsin Ave., will open on October 18. Amano Pan will occupy one of the hawker stands there.

Amano Pan owner Edgar Cuarezma will be selling sourdough breads just like he did in his pop-up last winter – baguettes and other breads made from grains grown and ground in Wisconsin and the United States. Illinois. The breads are made from whole wheat, rye, ancient grains like small spelled and spelled, and Red Fife, a heirloom wheat.

And it’s expanding its menu to include breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to eat in the dining room or to take out, including sourdough pizza with cheese or with seasonal toppings that will alternate. He described the pizza as having a thin crust, but not a cracker crust, with toppings spread over the edge. They will be sold by the slice or as 16 inch pies.

Amano sourdough breads use whole grains grown and ground in the region.

The menu will gradually increase after opening, Cuarezma said. For breakfast, Amano Pan will sell pan tostada – toast topped with flavored butters or jam.

Lunch will bring toast, open sandwiches, with toppings such as heirloom tomatoes. Sandwiches including grilled cheese will be added later.

The sandwiches would be served with a repollo salad, the quick mix of cabbage, carrot and other Nicaraguan pickled vegetables. Amano Pan will do it with a slightly sweeter Japanese method, said Cuarezma, from Miami whose family is from Nicaragua. He started baking in San Francisco and worked elsewhere on the West Coast and in Spain.

On Fridays, he plans to sell taiyaki as an ode to Milwaukee fry. Think of taiyaki as a Japanese waffle with a filling, said Cuarezma, which is shaped like a fish.

It will have the flavors of a fish fries, with the batter made from a mixture of rye and a garnish of cod; repollo on the side could replace coleslaw. “Just a fun little take” on Friday fry, Cuarezma said.

Amano Pan will sell cookies and, later, brioche donuts with sweet or savory toppings, as well as coffee from the Milwaukee Anodyne roaster. Eventually, Cuarezma said, he will expand the offerings further, possibly selling breads such as challah and panettone, among other items.

“I’m not your typical bakery,” Cuarezma said. “Every item (on the menu) is thought out, intentional, and it has to come from a place that means a lot to us.”

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Amano Pan is online at and on Instagram, @amano_pan.

Some of the other vendors planned for the food hall include pasta and candy company Strega, burger and fried chicken sandwich maker Dairyland, Midway Bakery, Anytime Arepa, Middle East Side, and Supernova Coffee and Donuts.

3rd Street Market Hall will be hosting a job fair from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on September 29 for openings in catering, hospitality, social media management and event sales.

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