All about Raspberry Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Raspberry Cookie immediately won the hearts of the Cookie Run: Kingdom community when she was released as part of the Heart of Courage and Passion update in September 2021. So who is Raspberry Cookie, how do you beat her in the story and what are the best builds for the proud and powerful cookie?

Raspberry Cookie was born at Castle Raspberry, a mansion that sits on a hill amid fields of raspberries in the Kingdom of Hollyberry. The building was built to last forever, a way to remind everyone of the glory of Maison Framboise. This is where Raspberry Cookie grew up, learning to fence like her ancestors and mastering aristocratic etiquette.

The icy, glorious cookie is Raspberry Mousse Cookie’s cousin and is cited as being proud of her. Her skill, Raspberry Reprise, is named after Raspberry Mousse Cookie’s Magic Candy ability in the previous Cookie Run game, OvenBreak.

Raspberry Cookie was cast to become the heir to House Raspberry and swore to protect her legacy with her sword.

Raspberry Reprise allows Raspberry Cookie to quickly rush the enemy with the highest attack power, continuously stabbing them. This attack will briefly reduce the enemy’s attack power. Meanwhile, Raspberry Cookie becomes more resistant to interrupt effects when using the skill.

Raspberry Cookie suddenly appears in World 11 after defeating 11-23. She is the only boss in the next difficult stage, preventing World 11 from being completed. Raspberry Cookie can be quite dangerous at first, catching teams off guard by eliminating the most powerful member of the team.

Luckily, there are several ways to deal with Raspberry Cookie before your strongest teammate is down. The ambush is quite successful against her, so bring Sorbet Shark Cookie or Black Raising Cookie as your primary attacker. Make sure they have the highest attack stats so Raspberry Cookie will prioritize them. Memorize Raspberry Cookie’s attack pattern and you’ll effectively dodge her moves, giving you the edge with these characters.

If you follow this route, bring these treasures:

  • Scroll of the Old Pilgrim
  • Squishy Jelly Watch
  • Guardian’s Ghost Horn

Another smart strategy is to set Sea Fairy Cookie as your main attacker and then add Strawberry Crepe to the team to increase your team’s cookie damage resistance with the lowest HP. Activate the Strawberry Crepe skill just before you sense that Raspberry Cookie is about to use her Resume skill. To make this strategy even more effective, add two healers to the team, like Pure Vanilla Cookie.

To enrich this team, consider these treasures:

  • Scroll of the Old Pilgrim
  • Squishy Jelly Watch
  • Blind Healer’s Staff

The best Raspberry Cookie topping build focuses on damage resistance or cooldown. For the damage resistance build, use three Solid Almond Toppings and two Swift Chocolates. This will improve her ability to survive while she attacks more frequently. If you prefer to focus on reducing cooldown, just use Swift Chocolate.

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