Adorable NJ Girl Scout spoofs ‘Fancy Like’ to sell cookies

Man, I wish I was this ambitious when I was a Girl Scout peddling Thin Mints for the 1540 troop in the early 2000s. All I did was sit in front of a hit video asking if customers wanted to buy a box of cookies.

(That anecdote alone just sent me into “Okay Boomer” territory, [kids, ask your parents about Blockbuster Videos] let me take my walker before continuing….)

Youtube screenshot

Youtube screenshot

Monmouth County Girl Scout Raven Lee has taken cookie sales to a whole new level this year. While us fools shyly went door to door asking if our neighbors wanted to buy peanut butter cookies, this Brownie performed a parody of Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like” to sell his cookies.

You’d recognize the song from its appearance in Applebee’s boring and catchy commercial, here’s the clip:

The best part of the Raven parody? It was not a half-hearted effort. There are plenty of costume changes involved in this video of Troupe 573 star Brownie.

Youtube screenshot

Youtube screenshot

Fair warning before watching this video: this is a total earworm, be prepared for it to get stuck in your head for a while.

“Be classy like a Thin Mint on a date night. Adventurers are new, they’re out of sight. Give her Clovers, which are shortbread. “Caramel is my favorite!” That’s what she said.”

As of this writing, Raven is only a hundred squares away from her goal. You can help her by ordering Girl Scout Cookies here. As she says in the song, “It’s a great Valentine’s Day gift for your schnookies!”

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