A guide to food vendors, contests


The State Fair is making deep fryers ablaze with a dozen new food vendors for 2021, including one throwing a bone to man’s best friend.

Blue ribbons will also be back in fashion for the state’s top bakers, canners and home cooks.

New to the fair is A Latte Amour will offer coffee at the Entertainment Plaza to accompany the Giant S’more On-A-Stick variety of flavors.

Amish annie is armed with an arsenal of donuts like Carmel Apple Delight, a glazed donut filled with homemade whipped cream and topped with fresh apple slices, cinnamon oat crumble and caramel sauce.

Dough boys food truck is home to the DoughBoy Sandwich, a flexible free-form frozen bun cut in half and stuffed with your favorite ice cream flavor with a cream cheese frosting.

Falcone’s pizzeria will feature a food truck selling slice pizzas, cannoli and fried spaghetti with meatballs.

The awesome flamingo has nachos made with three flavors of gelato, homemade stroopwafel chips and a choice of two dessert sauces, three candy toppings and whipped cream.

A food truck of Golden pleasures will feature Gilty Mac and Cheese, homemade pasta with pulled pork and barbecue sauce. Peach and cream pie is his specialty dessert.

Granny will serve French fries, which are French fries lightly breaded and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

Gringos houses the dragon fruit lemonade, and Pioneer cart specializes in elk sausages and rattlesnake sausage corn dogs. The Krave project food truck will attract pepper heads with its Ghost Pepper Tater Tots.

The Lucky Pup Lodge will go to the dogs inside the Bennett Event Center. Doggies can feast on the peanut butter cake mix.

Frozen treats at Handmade Ice Cream Sandwiches from Thelma come in Double Mint Chocolate Chips, S’mores and Gluten Free Snickerdoodle.

Return providers include Cute pies and his signature watermelon pie, specialists at Cap’n Crunch Corn Dog Diamond dawgs, and hamburger options from Harvell dealerships.

Netterfield Popcorn and Lemonade includes Frosted Flakes Chicken On-A-Stick, O’Neil’s returns with Cheese Curd Tacos, Porky’s is bringing back donut and peanut butter and jelly burgers, and Snow S’more is the perfect place for waffle-wrapped snow ice cream.

Swain Stick Pizza returns with his insect pizza laden with insects, The bacon habit will have his Caveman turkey thigh wrapped in bacon, and The Urb Express adds to its award-winning arsenal with Funnel Cake Fries.

WonderStick Ice Cream returns with its distinctive J-shaped cone intended to revolutionize ice cream consumption. No drips to be found in this thick, crispy gluten-free cone that won’t go soggy when ice cream melts.

The gastronomic competitions also return to the fair. The traditional cooking competitions have started as usual in advance, and these entries will be on display in the Creative Arts Building.

More than 30 varieties of bread were the subject of baking competitions. Shawnee Mills sponsored a cookie, brownie and bar contest. The cake competition was divided into 18 divisions, not including the decoration jury. Eighteen kinds of candy were looking for ribbons.

Preservation competitions were planned for jellies, jams, butters, vegetables and dry foods. Pickles and condiments rate 20 distinct divisions.

Once the fair begins, contests will start for breakfast, grilled cheese, salsa, tail-gating, more bread baking, peanuts, slow cookers, ice cream, pies, pizzas and salads. The full schedule and map are available online at okstatefair.com.

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