A Grubhub Guide to Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill

Now that we are immersed in New York’s fall and the back of the city was open in a way that seemed almost unfathomable not too long ago, New Yorkers can keep the party going, even if it does. means order, with Grubhub! Delivery is even better with the Grubhub Guarantee – get your food delivered on time and at the lowest price, guaranteed or Grubhub will get it right.

Gothamist and Grubhub are teaming up to celebrate amazing restaurants that, whether they’re a few blocks from your house or on your bike, are New York favorites we think you’ll love, too.

The adjacent Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill neighborhoods in northwest Brooklyn have more in common than their multi-block border. Both are defined by their rows of beautiful old brown stones in quiet, leafy streets. The two share a strong sense of community, and Carroll Park’s playground and ball fields are always loud and bustling with families. And both depend on the shops along their two main boulevards, Smith Street and Court Street, for most of their shopping, local services and, most importantly, for food and drink.

There are dozens of restaurants, cafes, bars, bakeries, butchers, sandwich shops, sandwich shops, taco stands, ramanyas, ice cream parlors – you name it, Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill probably have it – running the length of these two. “Main streets”, some of which, it must be said, are considerably better than others.

So here’s a look at some of our absolute favorite spots in this part of town, including some spots tucked away on the side streets. And if you fancy being cozy and staying home tonight (or this morning, weekend brunch time), all of these places are happy to deliver a feast right to your doorstep via Grubhub. .

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