7 Flavors of Ben & Jerry’s Pop Culture, Ranked

Jimmy Fallon’s flagship flavor, Dough tonightpays homage to the late-night host with two types of interlocking ice cream, caramel and chocolate, with flows of baked cookies, chocolate cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough throughout the pint.

Like the humor of the SNL-alun, the pint borders on being overcrowded, sickening, and blatantly loud. Although each scoop flaunts at least one cookie or cookie dough chunk, the Tonight Dough set is more like a whole pint of cookie dough with ice cream just holding the gooey mess together.

We’d rarely prefer a vanilla base to a Ben & Jerry’s flavor, but here the dark chocolate and caramel ice cream tastes different, especially once they mingle with the trio of overlapping cookie mounds that litter every pint of Tonight Dough. Released in 2015, on the heels of the vastly superior Americone Dream (dedicated to fellow late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert), Tonight Dough lacks the spark of inspiration of its predecessor. Although we are generally fans of cookie dough ice cream, especially the legendary Ben & Jerry’s flavor Half-baked, this late-night translation of classic indulgence leaves us colder than the cooler we pulled it from.

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