30 Festive Oreo Recipes You Must Make This Holiday Season!


Oreo cookies are delicious and make delicious holiday treats when used in Oreo Christmas recipes. This collection of our favorite Holiday Oreo recipes that make a delicious dessert or a sweet treat.

I admit that Oreos are one of my favorite cookies, so one of my obsessions is homemade Oreo recipes! During the holidays there are so many amazing ways to use Oreo cookies.

“First you twist it, then you lick it, then you dunk it!” “

-Oreo Advertising

We’ve compiled a huge list of Oreo recipes, with everything from cookies to brownies, popcorn and more! If you love Oreos like me, you’ll love this!

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Easy Oreo Recipes for Christmas and the Holidays

Looking for a quick, delicious and festive snack for your holiday season? You can’t go wrong with Oreo recipes!

Easy, inexpensive to make (many of these aren’t baked Oreo recipes!) these Oreo recipes are sure to be a hit!

1. Cookies and cream bark

Funfetti Bark is perfectly festive for any party! You can use regular Oreos, Peanut Butter Oreos, or any other Oreo flavor. – via Kids Activities Blog

2. Strawberries coated with Oreo chocolate

Chocolate coated strawberry Christmas trees will brighten up your dessert table this holiday season! – via Beautiful little kitchen

3. Oreo cookies coated with white chocolate

Holiday Candy Cookie Pops are a sweet DIY gift idea! – via Simplisticly Living

4. Oreo Oreo Edible Recipe

When it comes to crafting Oreo ornaments, I’m not sure who will have more fun, kids or adults! You can use a classic Oreo to craft each ornament. – via Candi Quick

5. Sweet Oreo Cane Brownies

I love making dessert bars for little hands at parties because they are easier to handle for the little ones. Candy Cane Oreo bars are a tasty option! – via Shugary Sweets

6. How to make homemade oreos covered in chocolate

Chocolate coated Oreo Pops will look so sweet in their bottoms! Everything is better dipped in melted chocolate. You can also crumble these chocolate coated Oreos to go over a chocolate pudding. – via The Slow Roasted Italian

7. Christmas Oreos That Look Like Reindeer

Oreo Reindeer Pops Are Santa’s Favorite Oreo recipe! I love easy desserts with simple ingredients – via Oh Nuts

8. Add mini Oreos to that Christmas crunch

Christmas Crunch is the perfect snack to eat while binge-watching holiday movies! – via the chic kitchen

9. Perfect Oreo Christmas Tree for the Holiday Season

Looking for a new take on a cookie cake? Try this Oreo Cookie Tree – via Snack Works

10. Oreo Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookies

This Andes Mint + Oreo cookie recipe is the marriage of two of my favorite things! Be sure to use a food processor to make Oreo crumbs, otherwise they might be too big. – via Sugar Bee Crafts

11. Holiday Oreo Cream Cheese Balls

Who would have thought that an Oreo recipe could be a centerpiece at your vacation dinner party! This crown of cookie balls is adorable! – via Anders Ruff

12. Polar bear cookies

Prepare a batch of Oreo polar bears after your next visit to the zoo or aquarium! What a delicious treat. – via Cheryl Style

13. Mint Chocolate Chip Lollipops

Surprise a loved one with a bouquet of Oreo Peppermint Lollipops – via Candi Quick

14. Oreo Penguin Cupcakes

How adorable are these Oreo Penguin cupcakes? – via Cindy on Interesting

15. Snowflake cookies

Snowflake Cookies are Elsa’s favorite Oreo recipe! – via Cake Whiz

25 Amazing Holiday Oreo Recipes

16. Oreo Lovers Dream: Chocolate Covered Oreo Bites

Looking for a bite-size Oreo recipe? Chocolate coated cookie bites are perfect! – via Thrifty Little Mom

17. Peppermint Oreo Crunch Cookies

If you’re looking for a delicious Oreo treat with a bite to eat, you’ll have to try these Oreo Peppermint Crunch Cookies – via Inside Bru Crew Life

18. Candy Cane Dipped Oreos

Candy Cane Dipped Oreos are a sweet idea for your elf on the shelf to take to your little ones! – via Slick Housewives

19. Easy recipe for Oreo truffles

Chocolate Oreo Truffles sound like the perfect Oreo treat for Santa to leave for adults on Christmas morning! Don’t you like chocolate? You can make golden Oreo truffles instead. – via Slick Housewives

20. Oreo Bark

Oreo Holiday Bark adds an Oreo touch to a classic holiday treat! – via Snack Works

21. Oreo cookies decorated with Santa’s hat

Impress your family and friends with the Santa Hat Cookie Balls – via Endlessly Inspired

22. Oreos dipped in white chocolate and peppermint

Oreos are already amazing, but they’re even better when dipped in chocolate! I love this chocolate coated Oreos recipe! – via Beauty and Bedlam

23. Oreo Candy Cane Brownies

Oreo Candy Cane Brownies are the perfect treat to make with your broken candy canes (am I the only one with a ton?) I’ll definitely need a glass of milk to cut the sweetness! – via I Heart Naptime

25 Amazing Holiday Oreo Recipes

24. Oreos with peppermint bark

Mint Oreo Bark is a fun, festive holiday treat – via wine and glue

25. Cookies and cream fudge

I’ve never met a piece of fudge that I didn’t like… This Cookies and Cream Fudge takes the cake! – via My Recipes

26. Party Tuxedo Oreos

Sweet white chocolate, bitter dark chocolate, red and green nuggets… these festive Tuxedo Oreos are sure to please. – via Household for God

27. Oreo Gingerbread Man

Run, run, as fast as you can! You can’t catch them, they’re Oreo Gingerbread Men! – via Laura’s Bakery

28. Peppermint Cake Pops

Peppermint Oreo Pops are so delicious they’ll fly off the plate! – via Lulu the baker

29. Christmas cookie bark

Christmas Cookie Bark is the perfect way to incorporate Oreos into your Christmas recipes – via Keeping Up With The Kitchen Mom

30. Oreos with gingerbread

Mmmm, gingerbread AND Oreos ?! Sign me up for these Oreo Gingerbread Cookie Balls! – via Leelalicious

31. Oreo Milkshake

Leave a shake for Santa instead of a cup of milk this year! Try this Peppermint Oreo Milkshake – via Belle of The Kitchen

32. Oreo Snowmen

Do you want to build snowman Oreo balls? – via The Girl Who Ate It All

But… what if I can’t eat Oreos?

Now that you got a bajillion tasty Oreo recipes to choose from, I bet you might have some questions, especially allergy-related questions, so all your guests can enjoy your delicious treats this holiday season.

Remember that when it comes to food allergy, where there is a will, there is a way, because there are so many good quality substitutes, no matter the allergy!

How can I make gluten-free Oreo recipes?

When I first had to stop eating gluten over a decade ago, there were hardly any options. It was basically cardboard versus more cardboard. I have missed my beloved Oreos so much! Now there are so many Gluten-free Oreo substitutes!

One of my favorite brands is Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Cream Cookie Gluten Free, because they taste the same as the real one.

Are Oreo recipes vegan / dairy free?

Yes and no! If you buy Oreos made in the USA, they are vegan. Other countries have different ingredients in their cream filling, which are not necessarily vegan.

It is quite possible to make these Oreo recipes vegan, with a few additional steps:

  • You can easily replace the eggs with a flax seed meal substitute of 1 teaspoon of flax seed flour with 2 1/2 tablespoons of water to make an egg.
  • There are tons of vegan butter substitutes for baking – check your favorite specialty grocery store for selections.
  • One item that doesn’t really have a prepackaged substitute is melted chocolate. They are quite often a reference with Oreo recipes, but that’s irrelevant for vegans. Instead, try melting some vegan white chocolate chips and add food coloring for a vegan version to use to decorate your. Festive Oreo treats!

History of the Oreos

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for fun and practical ways to involve and educate my kids. Learning more about the history of the Oreo could be a lot of fun!

Nabisco, originally known as the National Biscuit Country, introduced the Oreo cookie on March 6, 1912. Although Hydrox cookies were invented two years earlier, Oreos would become the most popular cookie of the 20th century. This classic cookie continues to be an American favorite almost 100 years after its introduction.

–Leaf TV, History of Nabisco

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What’s your favorite Oreo recipe?


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