15 Best Bagels in New York City, Ranked

While delicious, it’s hard to discern the microscopic differences between New York’s 15 tastiest and most iconic breakfast breads. Rounding out our top three bagel shops had to be the best bagels more bagel experience. The bagel experience is 90% bagel + 10% bagel shop vibe, and Ess-a-Bagel wants you to remember your bagel experience when you leave.

When you walk into one of the three full-service Ess-a-Bagel locations scattered along Manhattan’s East Side (they also have a station in the Time Out Market), of course, you’ll notice a line – but you’ll also notice a bit more organization. Cleverly, they’ve separated the bagel pick-up station from the deli counter, so if you’re just passing for a paper bag full of stellar bagels, you don’t have to wait behind the deli line to pay. Each location has seating and the decor, while inviting like a restaurant, keeps the appeal of the casual deli counter. The bagels are amazing. They are heavy, large and have an excellent chew without being harsh. They are all hand rolled without worrying about any noticeable twist in the finished product.

If you like to remove pieces from your bagel before eating it, you’ll love the separating quality of these. The flavor is addictive – malty with a subtle pretzel flavor – and, if you get the Everything bagel, even the seed mix they use is delicious. Get a whole sandwich or keep it simple; anyway, you’ll save them in your maps for next time.

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