10 Things From Tabitha Brown’s New Target Collection We Can’t Do Without

Tabitha Brown has come a long way from struggling actress and Uber driver. While the viral Whole Foods TTLA video gave her a boost towards her current empire, Brown’s restlessness combined with her warm and hospitable personality opened doors beyond her initial Hollywood acting aspirations. Among her kids’ TV show, countless vegan sponsorship deals, restaurants and an upcoming cookbook, Brown landed a four-part collection series at Target. Double Tabitha Brown for Target, the limited-time products have been rolling out in sets since June 11. While the clothing collection is sold out, the second collection of office supplies, home décor and adorable pet products is now available. We’re all waiting for the third collection, but for now, don’t sleep on these 10 Tabitha Brown for Target items we’ve saved in our shopping carts.

Tabitha Brown

The Tabitha Brown collection for Target

Available from August 6, this new collection aims to bring a little happiness to work and home. Like Brown’s former clothing line and personal style, each item is brightly colored and eye-catching. Whether it’s a mug in the shape of a dog’s face or a simple gold lemon molded paperweight, these purchases are bound to put a smile on your face. In addition to office and home decor, the collection includes a bit of curveball, adding six pet-friendly items into the mix. From bows for necklaces to chew toys, the tight selection will fit right in with that ottoman you picked up from her furniture collection.

10 Tabitha Brown must-haves for Target


1 Metal candle with brushed gold lid

For the candle obsessives, this was an easy choice. A more difficult decision would be choosing the color and pattern. These simple wicks, essential oil candles come in four different styles and scents: tropical pattern on a black background with citrus; salty jasmine pink leopard print; black, white and gold palm leaves with white amber; and striped geometric patterns with sandalwood. Each burns for approximately 50 hours. We can just stock up on all four before the collection ends.


2 Polka dot pouf

The Ottomans are vastly underestimated. Truly, this piece of furniture is a three-in-one: a footstool, an extra seat, and a standout accent piece. This black and white ottoman adds a touch of texture to any room without clashing with the original decor. However, if you want to go brighter, the lemon and leaf print pouf is a great choice.


3 Blue ceramic vase

There is a point in many of our adult lives when we realize we need a vase. This realization often occurs after we’ve first received flowers in our own living space, and the thought immediately comes to us, “Aw, that’s so sweet. Wait… where do I put this? Whether you’re expecting flowers or not, you need to have a vase handy. Not only is it a practical flower receptacle, but it is also a centerpiece. Brown’s unique shape blue slime adds dimension and height to any coffee or dining table. Once in your possession, it is also a valid excuse to buy your own flowers.


4 Alright Spiral Notebook

Your office may provide all the project management tools one could ask for, but there’s something about writing you just can’t shake. Whether you use it for notes, a to-do list at work, or feel the need to keep a journal, this simple spiral notebook will put your mind straight the moment you look at the cover. The chunky, colorful stripes and gold “Very Good” text written across the front are uplifting but mature enough to pop in a meeting, because let’s be honest, a bright pink flamingo-print notebook might raise eyebrows in the boardroom.


5 Green ceramic bowl

Do you need this bowl? Probably not, but it adds so much decor we just can’t put it down. Designed to add height to a coffee or dining table, this eye-catching bowl just gives us joy. For a little more practical use, use it as a fruit bowl. After all, it is dishwasher safe!


6 Stuffed dog and striped decorative cushion

This pillow would be perfect on a white sofa. The front features a colorful watercolor dog face printed on a white canvas while the back is solid striped in matching hues. We love the reversible feature, if only for the fact that if one side gets dirty, we can just flip it over to save the wash for a bit longer.


seven Ceramic Dog Bookends

Like a vase, you never know you need a bookend until it’s too late. Your collection of vegan cookbooks has grown, and now every time you access it, the pile leans and crumbles. These golds, dog shaped bookends keep your collection in place while adding a subtle touch of style to any room or office.


8 palm tree mug

Use it as a paperweight, pencil holder or real cup for your coffee. This black, gold and white 12 ounce cup is as multifunctional as it is chic. Printed with bold palm fronds, it’s eye-catching without being flashy, making it a solid co-worker gift.


9 Pet collar accessory with bow tie

You may need to ask your dog for permission, but if he allows it, it bow tie collar is a must. The design features abstract pink, blue and green leaves on a black background, making it suitable for both Fidos and Fifis. It slips directly over the collar, so there is no discomfort for your dog. Finally a really comfortable fashion piece!


ten Round Stripe Pet Bed

This soft striped bed is approved by Blackie. Brown’s adopted Cockapoo Terrier mix was featured in a video advertising the line of pet products and, according to Brown, he loves the pop of color the stripes provide. Available in small, medium and large/x-large, this collection features the perfect bed for almost any breed, from Yorkies to Shepherds.

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