10 places for the best steak hoagie in WNY

They are called submarines, bombers and hoagies. But no matter what you call them, when looking for the best hamburger, you might want to try one of these places.

Hoagies steaks are amazing if done right. Everyone loves them for different reasons. Most love it when loaded with juicy steak. Are you the type of person who likes them loaded with cheese? Are you the peppers and onions type? It might be the way the bun is toasted … or not at all toasted so you can soak up all that amazing steak juice. Banana peppers or not banana peppers?

We all have our favorite places too. And the best part about hoagies steaks is that they don’t necessarily have to come (and often don’t come) from fancy restaurants. Sometimes you will find your favorite dish in a bar or in a family restaurant that has been around for ages.

My favorite has always been Jim’s Steakout. There’s a reason it’s a Buffalo staple. It is definitely one of the places people miss when they leave town.

I went to a few different places to see what others were thinking. On Yelp and via Reddit, this is what the posters thought were the best places to get a hoagie steak here in western New York.

What do you think makes the best hoagie steak? Is there a place that is not on this list that certainly should be? Let us know through our free app!

10 places for the best steak hoagie in WNY

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