10 Items Trader Joe’s Ditched This Year – Eat This, Not That

From cookie butter to everything but bagel seasoning, Trader Joe’s products have attracted an incredible number of customers. And while it seems like the beloved grocery chain is releasing a new item every time you visit the store, it also means, for store space reasons, that some products have to go, even the favorites of the fans.

This year has been full of product launches and shutdowns, many of which have gone rather quietly. But buyers weren’t left in the dark, thanks to Instagram updates @traderjoestobedis interrupted.

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit what no longer lives on the store shelves. Here are 10 Trader Joe’s articles discontinued from 2021.

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These chocolate-filled crispy sandwich cookies were discontinued in June, and many Trader Joe fans were disappointed to say the least by the news. A customer commented Instagram ad by @traderjoestobediscontinued, “NO !!!!!!! These are ADDICTIONS”, while another user, who “tried [the cookies] based on responses to the post, “added:” … now I regret even trying them because they are amazing and soon they will all be gone. “

trader joes chili lime mayonnaise

It’s fair to say that Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Seasoning is a crowd-pleaser, but the flavored mayonnaise wasn’t enough to hold up. Made with lime juice concentrate, ancho pepper powder and chipotle pepper powder, this Mexican-inspired condiment may not be on grocery store shelves anymore, but you can still hang a jar on it. Amazon for $ 12.45.

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Trader Joe's barbecue broke ridges
the-serendiper / eBay

December 2, @traderjoestobediscontinued announced that the Barbeque Popped Ridges will be discontinued soon. The announcement sparked an uproar among fans. @traderjoescravings commented on the post: “Nooo !! I have a bag on my kitchen counter right now. They’re good !.”

Another commenter emphasized the need to act, writing, “If enough people generate interest and contact Trader Joe’s, MAYBE they could fire them if it’s by popular demand. Love it. and I will send emails. “

Like the chili lime mayonnaise, the barbecue flavored snack is sold elsewhere on the internet. So you can buy a bag on eBay for $ 6.88.

Trader Joe's Broccoli Kale Pizza Crust
Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

Released in 2019, Trader Joe’s Broccoli Kale Pizza Crust was a gluten-free, vegetarian canvas for pizza toppings – and is no longer found in TJ’s freezer section.

It also did not have the greatest appeal among many consumers. Instagram account @ obsessed traderjoes, which has more than 540,000 subscribers, wrote on Post by @traderjoestobediscontinued, “Okay, I’m not mad at that 😂”, while another user commented, “I’m not going to lie… thank goodness.”

Legendary blend of nuts and berries from Trader Joe's

Since July, the Legendary Nut and Berry Mix has lived up to its name: it’s just a legend. The mix included almonds, cranberries, raisins, cashews, blueberries, walnuts and raspberries. If you’re missing out on this product, fear not, as Trader Joes’ vast selection of trail mix options isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

organic hummus buffalo style
Tara T. / Yelp

Another 2019 product has bitten the dust this year. This hot sauce infused hummus didn’t last very long, and its farewell is met with mixed reactions.

In a 2019 review by the kitchen, Elizabeth Sherman had overall positive things to say about the dip, calling it a “snack heaven.” However, she noted that it had a “slightly unsatisfactory texture” as it was “a bit runny and thin”.

An Instagram user echoed a similar sentiment about the consistency of hummus on October post from @traderjoestobediscontinued, writing, “I thought it was runny and the smell turned me off. I didn’t think it had much Buffalo flavor either…”

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Trader Joes Soy and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips
Giang-Tien M./Yelp

These high fiber, high protein tortilla chips have been on the rise over the summer and shoppers have had mixed responses. One Instagram user wrote: “WHY. It was so good with salsa pepita ☹️”, while others weren’t too upset by the news. Another commented, “I wish they’d stopped these when I was a kid so my mom bought us normal tortilla chips that don’t taste like an ashtray.”

trader Joe's pub cheese
SimplyBohemian / Reddit

Typically paired with veg or crackers, this pub blue and cheddar cheese got chopped up in October. While plain pub cheese is a crowd favorite for those in this Reddit thread, Reddit user @SimplyBohemian, who started the thread when the cheese spread was still available, noted: “I think the flavors blend together really well! Much bluer to start and ends stronger on the cheddar cheese. . “

And Trader Joe’s fans weren’t too thrilled to hear that this cheese was coming out of the store, with one person saying “OK NOW THIS IS PERSONAL” and another commenting “I love this cheese !!! ❤️❤️❤️ Why? “

trader joes rotini with black beans

This low-carb, high-protein, gluten-free pasta alternative made only with black bean flour was discontinued last spring. Despite this, another one-ingredient dough reigns supreme in the grocery store pasta category: Hearts of Palm Pasta, which was recently named one of Trader Joe’s healthiest new products.

Courtesy of Trader Joe’s

After a lot spring speculation to find out if those Russian dumplings were being discontinued, @traderjoestobediscontinued finally confirmed the news late October — and people weren’t happy. One person commented, “One of the only things my picky kid would eat quickly and without a fight!” So devastated, is anyone else selling something similar! Luckily, we’ve compiled 15 Trader Joe’s frozen food recipes for those in need of a new frozen food.

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