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When a major event or the birthday of a loved one arises, the cake is basically a necessity. You can choose to do it yourself, of course, but if you want to feed a lot of people fast, have a professionally decorated cake, or try a flavor combination that may be out of your wheelhouse, a bakery is the way to go. to follow.

The pastry shops offer standard prefabricated cakes and personalized cakes. If you like the look of a standard cake, you can grab it and go. But if you prefer a personalized cake – maybe you’re planning a baby shower or even a wedding – plan to order it at least 48 hours in advance. If this is a more elaborate order for a higher stakes event, you will probably want to check out the bakery and also do a series of cake tastings, so give yourself plenty of time. Whatever the occasion, we’ve put together a list of the best Houston cake options for you to consider.

Popular Cakes in Houston

  • chocolate cake
  • red velvet cake
  • carrot cake
  • vegan cake
  • gluten free cake

Best Cakes in Houston

1. Bakery & Café Dessert Gallery

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courtesy of Dessert Gallery Bakery & Cafe

Dessert Gallery Bakery & Cafe is a great place to shop for cute, custom made pastries. They feature graphic printing on cakes, cupcakes and cookies to make birthdays, weddings and baby showers even more special. Plus, they have a more standard line of cakes which they call their ‘everyday cakes’ which include Chocolate Euphoria, a chocolate cake with chunks of chocolate, chocolate ganache, and chocolate frosting on top. . There’s also the Strawberry Dream cake and the Toffee-licious cake if you’re not that crazy about chocolate. Dessert Gallery has several permanent menu items suitable for people with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free brownies and vegan whoopies. You can also order personalized or specialty allergen-free items with three days notice.
Or: 3600 Kirby Dr # D, Houston, Texas 77098

2. Nothing Bundt Cakes

courtesy Nothing Bundt Cakes

Rien Bundt Cakes is a chain that offers a very special type of cake: the bundt cake. The round, molded cakes come with a layer of cream cheese frosting and are incredibly reliable and consistent. You can order smaller bundtlets or opt for bundtinis to meet your cupcake needs. Nothing Bundt Cakes even offers tiered Bundt Cakes and is more than happy to personalize their cakes (as much as they can be personalized) for a wedding or other event. The flavor range is small, but includes Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Marble, and White Chocolate Raspberry. Some places also offer a gluten free chocolate chip cookie flavor.
Or: 14555 Memorial Dr Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77079

3. Fluff Bake Bar

courtesy of Fluff Bake Bar

Fluff Bake Bar is the perfect place to eat. The pastry is a mixture of French pastry technique and trendy and inventive design. The result is always bright, colorful and delicious. Their most popular flavor is Veruca’s Salt Cake, which is a devil’s food chocolate covered with salted caramel buttercream and pretzel crunch. They also make an amazing red velvet cake with cherry jam and dark chocolate pearls which they call black velvet. Cake decorating here is also in fashion. If you are looking for a naked cake with an exceptional flavor combination, this is the place to go.
Or: 1701 W 15th St, Houston, Texas 77008

4. Central market

houston cakes

courtesy of the central market

The Central Market is a grocery store, yes, but their bakery section is actually a great resource, especially if you’re on a tight budget. The flavors are standard: chocolate, vanilla, funfetti, etc. Cakes, cupcakes and cake pops are always tasty. Any cakes already made can be personalized with writing or decoration on the same day, but if you plan to order a brand new personalized cake, you must order it at least 48 hours in advance.
Or: 3815 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77027

5. The sugar rush

houston cakes

courtesy of Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a cake lover’s paradise. Cake pops, cake balls, sheet cakes, cupcakes, and layered cakes are all on offer here. You can try classic flavors like chocolate, cookies, and lemon or vanilla cream, or you can experience rotating signature flavors like strawberry lemonade, crunchy cappuccino, or peach cobbler. Personalized cakes can be pricey, but are bespoke, elaborate works of art.
Or: 10908 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77042

6. Moeller Bakery

photo credit Chelsey C. via Yelp

Moeller’s Bakery is proud to be Houston’s oldest family-owned bakery. It has been around since 1930! Naturally, it has a distinctly retro feel to it. This cozy little bakery is a great place to order personalized cakes. You can choose plain frozen cakes if you just fancy cake. Sometimes there is no special occasion after all! If you are looking for a decorated cake, this bakery has some pre-made options like the Area 51 cake and the Barbie cake. You can even order a basic wedding cake entirely online, with flavor options like devil’s food, white cake, and yellow cake.
Or: 4201 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, Texas 77025

7. 85 ° C Bakery Coffee

courtesy 85 ° C Bakery Café

For some less personalized but still amazing Houston cake options, 85 ° C Bakery Cafe is a Taiwanese bakery with a large selection of very fine cakes. Fresh fruit is a big part of the menu here – most of the cakes have a fruity element. These are great to grab and go as they look very nicely decorated and put together without any customization. Staff will provide you with a chocolate “Happy Birthday” sign and candles to add to your cake upon leaving to make your job even easier.
Or: 9750 Bellaire Blvd # 168, Houston, Texas 77036

8. Rustika Cafe and Bakery

courtesy of Rustika Cafe and Bakery

Rustika Cafe and Bakery has a wide variety of flavors and a knack for pretty decorating. It has even been voted one of the best pastry shops in Houston in the past. Walk past a Rustika location and you will see examples of richly decorated custom cakes in the window. For flavors, they have standard base sponge flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, paired with toppings such as chocolate mocha, pecans, fresh berry pie, and coconut ale. pineapple. They also have options such as cuatro leches, Jack Daniels, and Grand Marnier carrot. Rustika offers several standard gluten-free options, such as the flourless chocolate cake or the silk pie. A little of this flourless chocolate cake is also very good; it’s incredibly blurry.
Or: 3237 Southwest Fwy, Houston, Texas 77027

9. Take the cake

houston cakes

courtesy Take the cake

Take the Cake makes amazing cakes in bright colors in small batches. Their flavors include options like Hummingbird Cake, which is a spice cake with banana, pineapple, pecan, and cream cheese frosting. There is also the raspberry vanilla, the pineapple carrot and the chocolate truffle. Compared to many Houston pastry shops, they have a more limited flavor range, but the benefit of that simplicity is consistent excellence, both with the cakes and with the filled cupcake line.
Or: 5700 Hwy 6 N # 250, Houston, Texas 77084

10. Bakery of the 3 brothers

courtesy 3 Brothers Bakery

3 Brothers Bakery is a bakery that carries on a five-generation baking tradition. It holds a special place in the hearts of many because it was founded by three brothers who fled Poland to the United States in the 1940s. The brothers continued the family tradition of baking here in Texas. Here they are best known for creating the Pumpkin Apple Pie Cake. This dessert consists of a three-tiered cake with a pie inside, cream cheese frosting and a drizzle of pecan caramel. They also make amazing 3D cakes, or cakes that look more like sculptures than real cakes, as well as your standard event cakes. There are many custom cake designs to choose from and funfetti, mocha, chocolate death, and carrot cake are all good flavor options.
Or: 4036 S Braeswood Blvd, Houston, Texas 77025

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